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We've been asked plenty of 'how' type questions and have repeated the regular ones below, if we have not addressed your concern then please email us via our contact page and we will endeavour to answer your question.

How do I ....

Q. I am making a anniversary speech/toast any suggestions

Q. How do I celebrate my Anniversary ?

Q. Helping a person plan an anniversary party?  

Q. I am looking for information on the 75th wedding anniversary?

Q. How do I convey requests for money to the guests? 

Q. We are renewing of our vows for our 50th anniversary, are there any do's or don'ts?

Q. Would it be proper to put on the invitation RSVP or proper to enclose a response card? 

Q. My mother wants to have an anniversary celebration and was told that it was not good manners to invite family?

Q. How long is the Longest Marriage on Record?

Q. I am making a anniversary speech/toast any suggestions

Yes, quite a few actually! One key thing that I learnt whilst trying to find non derogatory jokes about wedding anniversaries for our web site (you'll notice there is none on our site because we couldn't find any!). Take great care not to include a joke which will slight/insult either partner. Remember it is both of them that are celebrating their anniversary and they should be able to enjoy it. If you do want to include a joke that may be considered risky make sure it is told in a third party i.e. I knew a couple who were married......

Q. How do I celebrate my Anniversary ?

Well, the first thing is don't ignore or forget your Anniversary. This is the one day a year that is special for you and your partner.

Traditionally celebrations often involve giving and receiving of cards and gifts that match the anniversary year being celebrated. Often these gifts are made of a specific material that symbolises the year being celebrated. To find your anniversary symbol select your anniversary on this page and all the details  including suggestions of ways to celebrate will be given to you.


Q. I cannot tell by what is shown if the book that you are telling me about is to help a person plan an anniversary party or what you are to do at them.  Since I am not planning one, it may not be what I am searching for.  If you know any more about the book, please pass it on.

A. The book I refer to is one I have in my library and I have found it a useful reference. It covers both how to plan an Anniversary and etiquette, i.e. how to behave, although it does have more content on planning.

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Q. I am looking for information on the stones/metals and/or colours associated with the 75th wedding anniversary.

A. The 75th Anniversary has the following materials associated against it; diamonds, diamondlike stones, gold. Source; Chicago Public Library


Q My sisters and I are throwing my parents a 30 year anniversary party.  My parents already told me that they do not want any gifts, but would prefer money.  How do I convey that to the guests?


A. It is difficult to ask for money on invitations to an anniversary celebration. I assume your parents have a specific goal for asking for money such as a holiday or a specific gift. If this is the case then it is best to use this fact. i.e. on the invitation state that your parents are saving for whatever.. and a contribution towards this would be gratefully received.... or the most appropriate gift....

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Q.We are trying to plan a celebration and renewing of our vows for our 50th. anniversary, are there any do's or don'ts to be consider, we  were married very young, so we are not really that old; still young at heart. Are there any suggestions for this  we would like to do it the proper way.

A. There is not a fixed way to have a 50th celebration and it can be up to you, the couple celebrating the anniversary, how you would like to celebrate. Even with your decision to renew your vows can be done in many ways from a low key celebration up to a re-creation of a full wedding breakfast.

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Q I am have a 50th wedding anniversary celebration for my parents in February. I will be sending out invitations for this.  It will be an Open House at my parents' home starting approximately  6 pm .  There will be food and beverages.  Would it be proper to put on the invitation to RSVP as to how many will be attending or proper to enclose a response card as to how many will be attending? -- Even though it is an Open House event?   It would help in knowing how much food to prepare.

A. As you are having an open house I think that an RSVP would be most suitable.  Depending on your Social cycle it may be appropriate to put a note after the RSVP to say that it is to ensure that sufficient food is available

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Q My mother wants to have an anniversary celebration and was told that it was not good manners to invite family.  This cannot be correct is it?

A. I’m not sure how this idea came about but it is not true. A lot of Anniversary Celebrations are arranged by the family especially ones above the 25th. Wedding Anniversaries can take the form of a intimate celebration for just the couple right up to a full recreation of the original wedding with a blessing service in church followed by a Anniversary Breakfast.

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Q. How long is the Longest Marriage on Record?

Current records show the longest ever marriage in the UK lasted 82 years and the longest in the world lasted 86 years. Currently the longest living married couple in the UK are both 96 years old having been married for 79 years.

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