Matthew's Name Day


21st September

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Matthew, the name has a description or meaning which is from the Hebrew, 'gift of Jehovah'

Matthew has a Name day of 21st September, please check our history page to find out how this was derived

This description represents the Male usage of the name.

This name is a truly ancient name from which numerous variations have been derived as shown below (the M or F in brackets are Male or Female orientated names)

Matt (M)Mattea (F)Matthea (F)Matthias (M)
Mattie (F)Matty (F)

St Matthew is a patron saint of the following:

All who work with moneyTaxmen and taxwomen.

Symbols are often associated with Saints, it often helped in the middle ages when people were unable to read thus Matthew has the following symbols associated

A money bag or a chestA winged manA dolphinA scroll of his Gospel
A carpenter's squareAn axePen and inkA sword

Historically Famous Matthews

Surprisingly little is known about the man who gave us the longest of the synoptic Gospels. Matthew appears in the Gospels as a Jew who was collaborating with Romans as one of their tax collectors. Mark and Luke call him 'Levi' which meant that he belonged to the priestly tribe of Israel. Jesus' call to follow him must have surprised the other Jewish disciples, since 'good' Jews hated the collaborators, but he is said to have obeyed the call at once, leaving his ill-gotten gains for a rather more ascetic lifestyle. Tradition has it that Matthew was martyred in Ethiopia or Persia, and that his remains were brought to Brittany, France.