Wedding Anniversary Etiquette

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Wedding Anniversaries

Anniversary Etiquette for gift giving, parties and more.

One thing we've learnt since we started our web site; Wedding Anniversary Etiquette can be a minefield, as our inbox shows!

We have published on the following pages our answers to many questions we have received at the anniversary ideas office.

We have presented the wedding anniversary etiquette in the form of questions and answers i.e. an FAQ for etiqette, these questions represent the most commonly asked etiquette questions sent to our team. If you feel we've not covered your question please do ask us.

The sections are divided into areas as shown below;

Who gets involved in an anniversary ; who does what for an anniversary, who organises a celebration.

What symbols go with our anniversary; what is our anniversary details, colour, traditional, modern material etc.

Why celebrate our wedding annually; why celebrate, why does this anniversary have this material associated with it.

Where can I find more Wedding Anniversary details; Where do I find information on.....

When to do things; when should I celebrate, when do I open gifts.

How to plan; how do I celebrate, plan an anniversary party, how do I ask for a specific gift.

Sensual Gifts
Gift ideas for your partner
anniversary era gift ideas
Gifts for the Month
Ideas for gifts based upon the month you were married.
anniversary era gift ideas
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