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Distilleries Provence - Pastis Henri Bardouin 70cl Bottle
Distilleries Provence - Pastis Henri Bardouin 70cl Bottle

Some herbs, such as thyme, rosemary, savory and sage are actually harvested in Forcalquier

The exact place and date of the harvest varies each year

However, some always come from the same area, such as verbena citronella from Forcalquier

Other items, including the spices, of course, arrive from more distant lands; China may supply the star anise, or the licorice may come from Syria

They extract the aromatic principles from the harvested and dried herbs

We let them macerate in alcohol

The temperature, time and alcohol content yield the desired taste

The infusion is ended and extraction takes place

In our press, we separate the infused liquid from the herb part to obtain the last juice to be added to the infusion

After the herbs are pressed, they still contain many aromas and essences

By distilling them in our old still, we extract them

Some infusions are also distilled to give them greater finesse

Mixing the infusions and distillates produces the flavoured spirit

This flavoured spirit, a product of each of the herbs and spices, is what they need to assemble the product

And this is the most delicate part of the process

The volume of the infusions varies according to temperature, so the infusions are weighed as opposed to measured

Their aromatic characteristics can vary also according to harvest

The dosage of anethole and sugar are also crucial

To keep the product's qualities constant, it is essential for a taster to analyze and taste the product at every stage of production

Final assembly, which must be perfectly executed, creates this symphony of aromas and flavours

Next there are the final inspections followed by the final tasting

A taster directs this final phase

The last procedure is bottling.

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