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Hangar One - Citron Buddha's Hand  70cl Bottle
Hangar One - Citron Buddha's Hand 70cl Bottle

This weird & rare South Asian citrus variety is beautifully aromatic

The lemon flavour is delicate but deep & complex

Folks in China hang them in their closets to make their clothes smell good

Hangar One can't get them all the time so sometimes they run out

There are lots of citrus-flavoured vodkas, but most are flavoured with highly purified extracts, which means they have only a single note

Hangar One is made with whole fresh fruit, which of course includes seeds, skin, pits, and juice, and all the fresh citrus oils

That's why Hangar One vodkas have far more complex flavours

They hit the palate in more spots

They just taste richer

When you taste the Buddha's Hand, it doesn't have only the focused intensity of, say, a standard lemon

It also has wonderful jasmine overtones, as well as hints of fruitcake spices

The Buddha's Hand citron is one of the oldest citrus fruits

What's really great about distilling Buddha's Hands is that when you cut one open, they don't have any juice inside; they're entirely pith (that's the white stuff inside the peel)

And unlike most citrus, the pith of the Buddha's Hand citron is sweet, not bitter

This allows them to get incredible depth of flavour without having to deal with high-acid citrus juice, which is really hard to stabilise in a bottle and has less complexity

Rumor has it that Buddha's Hand citrons got their name because they look like the upturned fingers of Buddha statues; the mutation that gave them the fingers started around 200 ad

Buddha's Hands are highly aromatic and are hung to perfume rooms and closets

They also make great candied lemon peel and marmalade.

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