Angelo's Name Day

This year Angelo's Name day was on 5th May 2017

Angelo is derived from the Greek, 'messenger'; Angelo has a name day of 5th May and our description is based upon the male usage of the name.

This name is a variant of the original name Angel

There is also an alternative celebration date of 27th January for this Name day and represents different religious interpretations or different festival days for Saints

Saint Angel, whose feast day the celebration is based upon is a patron saint of the following:

  • Universities
  • Women

Symbols are often associated with Saints, it often helped in the middle ages when people were unable to read thus Angel has the following symbols associated

  • Red and white roses
  • Lilies
  • Three crowns
  • A book

Historically Famous Angelos

The name 'Angel' is rare in English-speaking countries, despite Thomas Hardy's use of it in his novel Tess of the D'Urbevilles. Yet it is common in Italy where several Angelos were beatified, and where St Angelo, a Sicilian Carmelite, was murdered in 1220.

Much more common than Angel is its female form, Angela. The Blessed Angela of Foligno was a woman of prayer and mysticism. She was an ordinary thirteenthcentury Italian wife and mother until she underwent a sudden conversion and joined the Third Order of the Franciscans. This was an order of 'Tertiaries' - men and women who could not, for various reasons, go into a monastery, but who wished to live by the monastic rules of poverty, chastity and obedience in the world. After her husband died, she was able to give away her wealth and attracted a large number of other people to the Third Order, who were impressed by her depth of prayer. Her confessor wrote down her account of some of her mystical experiences, and she is remembered on the 28 February. St Angela Merici was the foundress of the Ursuline order (named after St Ursula) - the first teaching order for women, She was born in Italy in 1474 and orphaned at 15. She became a Franciscan tertiary, and became increasingly aware of the poverty of her native town, Desenzano. Determined to do something to help, she began to teach the poorest children, helped by some other women tertiaries. This practice later developed into a community of women who shared a common rule of life and devoted themselves to teaching and caring for young women and children. It was not an easy vocation - women were expected to live in enclosed communities, in traditional Orders, wear habits and take their inspiration from men. Eventually, after her death, Angela's women were forced to conform to a more traditional Order. Nevertheless, her vision was important for the development of nursing, education and independence of Christian women

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