Guy's Name Day

This year Guy's Name day is on 12th September 2018

Guy is derived from the Latin, 'life'; from Old German, 'wood' or 'wild'; Guy has a name day of 12th September and our description is based upon the male usage of the name.
This Name has no alternative spellings or shorter versions

Saint Guy, whose feast day the celebration is based upon is a patron saint of the following:

  • Horses

Historically Famous Guys

Guy of Anderlecht was a Belgian peasant in the tenth century who, poor though he was, resolved to renounce the pursuit of money and become a hermit. He eventually became the sacristan of a church at Laecken, where he lived happily until he was persuaded by a merchant to invest the little money he had left. His hope was that it would raise money to help the poor, but it ended disastrously with the ship his goods were on, going down. Thoroughly disillusioned, Guy left Laeken on a pilgrimage and spent years wandering through Europe to Rome and Jerusalem, returning to Laeken to die. Although he is credited with many miracles, it was the events surrounding his burial at Anderlecht which seemed to confirm his local popularity. When a horse kicked his grave (or did something even less respectful, according to some sources) it was immediately struck dead. This makes him, oddly enough, the patron saint of horses.

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