Kate's Name Day

This year Kate's Name day is on 25th November 2018

Kate is derived : from the Greek, 'pure, clean'; Kate has a name day of 25th November and our description is based upon the female usage of the name.

This name is a variant of the original name Catherine

There is also an alternative celebration date of 30th April for this Name day and represents different religious interpretations or different festival days for Saints

Saint Catherine, whose feast day the celebration is based upon is a patron saint of the following:

  • Lawyers
  • Librarians
  • Students
  • Philosophers and universities
  • Rope-makers
  • Wheelwrights
  • Young girls
  • Nurses
  • Italy

Symbols are often associated with Saints, it often helped in the middle ages when people were unable to read thus Catherine has the following symbols associated

  • A broken wheel
  • A bridal veil
  • A ring
  • A lily
  • The stigmata and crown of thorns
  • A wedding ring.

Historically Famous Kates

Of all the St Catherines, the most famous must be the highly romanticized Catherine of Alexandria, supposedlyan Egyptian queen, whose beauty and philosophy attracted the attentions of the Emperor Maxentius. Having been converted to Christianity and - in a vision - mystically married to Christ, she did not reciprocate Maxentius' feelings. The Emperor, determined to win her for his wife, sent 50 philosophers to reason her out of her faith, but she out-argued them, and they were all executed. She was then tortured and imprisoned. One attempt to break her spirit was made by trying to break her body on a spiked wheel. Instead it was the wheel that broke, killing some of the spectators. In the end, Catherine was decapitated, although legend has it that it was milk and not blood which poured from her neck.

There are many other St Catherines whose historicity is certain; of these, St Catherine of Siena is the most remarkable. Lay women were rarely canonized in past centuries; yet Catherine was not only canonized in 1461 but also declared a Doctor of the Church, even though she was illiterate. Although she was not a member of an Order, she became a Third Order Dominican and, in turn, attracted to herself a circle of admirers who were called the 'Caterinati', drawn from all walks of life. Gradually, Catherine became involved in the political and ecclesiastical scandal of the wars between Italian states and the Pope, and dictated many letters to religious and secular leaders, as well as mystical treatises. She received the stigmata, and once had a vision of her mystical marriage to Christ

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