Monika's Name Day

This year Monika's Name day is on 27th August 2018

Monika is derived unknown possible from the Greek 'monos' meaning alone; Monika has a name day of 27th August and our description is based upon the female usage of the name.

This name is a variant of the original name Monica

Saint Monica, whose feast day the celebration is based upon is a patron saint of the following:

  • Mothers

Symbols are often associated with Saints, it often helped in the middle ages when people were unable to read thus Monica has the following symbols associated

  • A monstrance
  • A veil or handkerchief
  • A book
  • A girdle
  • A staff

Historically Famous Monikas

Monica, in these psychologically-aware days, has suffered a bad press. The woman who literally pursued her son to urge his conversion and baptism is often thought of nowadays as just another manipulative and domineering mother. In fact, she produced one of the most brilliant theologians and writers of the ancient or modern eras, whose autobiography speaks of her with great affection - so she must have done something right! The son, of course, was Augustine (354-430), who was born in Thagaste, North Africa, and who returned from his studies under St Ambrose in Italy to become the Bishop of Hippo in 396. Monica never saw his consecration, for she died at the Italian port of Ostia on their journey back to Africa. One of the most moving chapters of Augustine's Confessions records their almost. ecstatic conversation about heaven together there, one night, looking over the sea. Monica died about five days later.

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