Paulette's Name Day

This year Paulette's Name day was on 29th June 2017

Paulette is derived from the Latin, 'small'; Paulette has a name day of 29th June and our description is based upon the female usage of the name.

This name is a variant of the original name Paul

There is also an alternative celebration date of 26th January for this Name day and represents different religious interpretations or different festival days for Saints

Saint Paul, whose feast day the celebration is based upon is a patron saint of the following:

  • Tentmaking
  • Upholsterers
  • Widows (Paula)

Symbols are often associated with Saints, it often helped in the middle ages when people were unable to read thus Paul has the following symbols associated

  • Book and sword
  • Serpent and fire
  • A palm tree
  • Three fountains
  • A phoenix
  • Scrolls with the names of his epistles
  • Instruments of the Passion (Paula)

Historically Famous Paulettes

St Paul needs no introduction. He was the apostle who first took the Gospel to the Gentile world, and who wrote many of the letters which make up the. New Testament. He is also one of the apostles Luke writes about in Acts, and is believed to have been martyred in Rome during Nero's persecution of Christians, around 68. Many other St Pauls have followed, from Cyprus, Italy, Japan, Korea and even Roman Britain. The original St Paul seems to have been intellectually brilliant, something of a mystic, an indefatigable traveller and, at times, hot tempered.

St Paula of Bethlehem (347-404) was a Roman noblewoman who married and had five children. When her husband died, she became a disciple of St Jerome, and, with her daughter, St Eustochium, founded a convent and a pilgrim's hospice in Bethlehem. By all accounts, she was also intellectually gifted, learning both Greek, and Hebrew, and studying the Bible. Jerome's letters praise her practical efficiency and her diplomacy, but are concerned about her excessive self-discipline and generosity to others. There is another St Paula of the nineteenth century, three other beatified Paulas, and a Blessed Pauline, a German woman who founded the Sisters of Christian Charity in 1849.

Other Names Day resources

Name days stem from celebrations or festivals held to celebrate Saints, these dates were chosen by the relevant church that had declared the person a Saint and as they were often only referred to by a single name then the festival became known as that particular name's day hence name day. The  popular custom of celebrating your name day is wide spread across Europe and the middle east it's rise can be traced back to people's desire to have the occasional party and with literacy being constrained to clergy and similar scribes then people would not know the date unless informed via this route hence if your saint name was being celebrated then why not push the boat out!

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