Peter's Name Day

This year Peter's Name day was on 29th June 2017

Peter is derived from the Greek, 'a stone'; Peter has a name day of 29th June and our description is based upon the male usage of the name.
This name is a truly ancient name from which numerous variations have been derived as shown below (NB The M or F in brackets are Male or Female orientated names)

Saint Peter, whose feast day the celebration is based upon is a patron saint of the following:

  • Fishermen
  • Boatbuilders
  • Clockmakers

Symbols are often associated with Saints, it often helped in the middle ages when people were unable to read thus Peter has the following symbols associated

  • Two crossed keys
  • A crowing cock
  • A fish
  • Two swords
  • A shepherd's staff and two keys

Historically Famous Peters

Peter was, of course, pre-eminent among the apostles, being not only one of the inner circle of three (together with his brothers James and John), but also the disciple to whom Jesus entrusted the Church: 'You are a rock. (Petrus): on you I will found my Church' (John 21:15). From the Gospels, we have a picture of a fisherman who lived with his wife in Galilee and fished with his brother, Andrew, until they were called by Jesus to become 'fishers of men'. He was the apostle who denied his master three times on the night of Jesus' betrayal, and yet he was the man whom the risen Jesus told to 'feed my lambs'. He travelled to Rome where he became the leader of the Church, and it is thought that he dictated his memories to Mark, forming the first Gospel. And it was there that he faced execution, together with Paul, in about 67. There are legends of him travelling to Antioch with his wife and daughter, Petronilla (whose name, incidentally, is not derived from 'Peter', as many think, but from the Latin, Petronius) - but these are probably legendary.

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