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Chronological Mentions of Wedding anniversary using Symbols to reference the year.

The following is our references from newspaper research into mentions of Wedding Anniversaries where instead of simply stating the years they reference it using the traditional symbol e.g. Silver wedding for 25th Anniversary.
The Morning chronicle Monday, September 12, 1825; Issue 17572

“Berlin, Sept. 30.—Today will be celebrated at Weimar as a double festival, viz as the 50th anniversary of the Grand Duke’s Government ; and also of his marriage, called in Germany, the golden wedding.
Hampshire Telegraph July 16 -1838

Celebration of a Wedding Anniversary (from Nicholas Nickleby)

In the garret of one of the houses near Golden Square, lodges Newman Noggs, and on the first floor live the family of Mr. and Mrs. Kenwigs, the hero and heroine of the celebration aforesaid…
No Symbol mention of an anniversary in this passage.

The Era Sunday, December 29, 1839; Issue 66 (UK)

Letters from Copenhagen state, that the coronation of Christian VIII. Will take place, together with the celebration of the 25th anniversary of his marriage (called in German the silver wedding.) his Majesty was married to the present Queen Caroline Amelia, May 22 1815.

The Morning Chronicle Friday, November
9, 1849; Issue 24978 (UK)

The Queen Dowager of Austria has arrived at Schonbrunn to meet the Queens of Prussia and Saxony, who have there assembled to celebrate this day the “Silberne Hochzeit” of the Archduke Francis Charles and the Archduchess Sophia, the parents of our young Emperor. This purely German festivity is the prerogative of married people who have lived together twenty-five years, dating from the wedding day. The “Goldne (or golden) Hochzeit” (the golden wedding) is to commemorate a fifty years marriage.

The Belfast newsletters Wednesday,
October 27, 1852; Issue 11797 (UK)

A Golden Wedding
The little festival was given, I learned, in honour of the Golden Hochzeit (golden wedding) of the burgomaster of the town.

Nashville union and American January 19, 1856 (USA)

A Golden Wedding — The fiftieth anniversary of the wedding of Deacon Thomas Williams, of Vernon, Oneida county, N. Y., was celebrated
at the house where the aged couple have resided for half a century since their marriage, on Christmas. Representatives of five generations were assembled on the occasion, numbering thirty persons. The entire fifth generation was comprised in one little curly-headed fellow who lay on a bed asleep. This boy had living, a short time since, three great-grandfathers, three great-grandmother, two grandfathers and two grandmothers. The father of Deacon Williams was one of the famous “Tea Party,” at Boston, in 1773.

Vermont phoenix January 21, 1860 (USA)

All About Weddings. — The occasional celebration of “golden wedding” the fiftieth anniversary of marriage is too rare an event to suit the propensities of our fast people ; they have, therefore, be taken themselves first to the “silver wedding” at the twenty-fifth anniversary, and second to the “tin wedding” at the tenth anniversary of marriage. One would naturally think this last celebration a diluting of the matter that would be sufficiently weak to satisfy the feeblest of constitutions, but the subject has been let down one peg further in Springfield, Mass. A young clergyman coming to the fifth anniversary of his wedding night a few evenings since, found his friends gathered around him in great numbers, bearing wooden pails, tubs, saw horses, bowls, clothespins, boxes and every other variety of wooden ware known in the most plethoric establishments, or that the ingenuity of man or the cunning of woman could improvise for the occasion. The “wooden wedding” was thus turned into downright, jolly, orthodox frolic. After all we don’t think any or all of these celebrations half equal the real, genuine
wedding for attractiveness or interest.

Keowee courier
January 19, 1867 (USA)

WEDDINGS.- The following list of “commemorative weddings” is interesting to both old and young, The wedding is the “love wedding” at the end of the first month ; the end of the honeymoon is the “Sugar wedding,” two years after; marriage is the “paper wedding;” the fifth anniversary is the “wooden wedding;” the tenth, is the “tin wedding;” the fifteenth, the “crystal wedding;” the twentieth, the “china wedding;” the twenty-fifth, the “silver wedding ;” the fiftieth, the “golden wedding;” the seventy-fifth, the “diamond wedding.”
These various anniversary celebrations are becoming very common in America, and they are very pleasant occasions.

The Highland weekly news April 17, 1873 (Ohio, USA)

As the custom of celebrating wedding anniversaries appears to be increasing, we give a List of the commemorative days, compiled
and selected from the most approved sources:
1 year, Cotton; 2 years, Straw; 3 years, Paper, 4 years, Leather; 5 years, Wooden; 7 years, Iron; 8 years, Woolen; 10 years, Tin; 12 years, Linen; 15 years, Glass; 18 years, Silk; 20 years, China; 25 years, Silver 30 years, Pearl, 40 years, Ruby or Gem; 50 years, Golden; 75 years,
Diamond. Those most generally celebrated are the 5th, Wooden; 10th, Tin; 15th, Glass; 20th, China; 25th, Silver.

Manchester Times Saturday, June 12, 1875 (UK)

Wedding.—A wooden Wedding: Marrying a blockhead. A golden wedding: Marrying for money. A crystal wedding: marrying a “glass eye.” A tin wedding: Marrying a milkmaid. A paper wedding: Marrying an editor. A plain wedding: Marrying a carpenter. A silver wedding Marrying a maid of Sixty. The worst sort of wedding: Marrying nobody. A glass wedding: Marrying a toper.
Belmont Chronicle – January 10 1878 (USA)

The following is a list of Anniversary Weddings of interest to old and young people
First anniversary Iron.
Fifth anniversary Wooden.
Tenth anniversary Tin.
Fifteenth anniversary Crystal.
Twentieth anniversary China.
Twenty-fifth anniversary Silver.
Thirtieth anniversary Cotton.
Thirty-fifth anniversary Linen.
Fortieth anniversary Woollen.
Fiftieth anniversary Golden.
Seventy fifth anniversary Diamond.

The Leeds Mercury Saturday, October 4, 1879;
Issue 12944 (UK)

Snippet from an article on surprise parties in America … and one need not go to America to Know that the twenty-fifth marriage anniversary is that of the silver wedding. The era of fanciful and the ludicrous is now over. Gifts in silver usually take the form dictated by common sense. So also with the succeeding anniversaries considered worthy of special celebration – namely, the thirtieth, or pearl wedding; the fortieth, or ruby wedding ; and the fiftieth, or ever-memorable golden wedding. When it happens that a married couple live together until the seventy-fifth anniversary of their first marriage day dawns upon them, the occasion is honoured with the most precious name and the most precious gifts of all : it is the diamond wedding.

The National tribune October 29,
1881, Page 6 (Washington D.C. USA)

First year, cotton wedding ; second year, paper wedding; third year, iron wedding; fifth year, wooden wedding; seventh year, woollen wedding; tenth year, tin wedding; twelfth year, silk and fine linen wedding; fifteenth year, crystal wedding; twentieth year, china wedding; twenty-fifth year, silver wedding ; thirtieth year, pearl wedding; fortieth year, ruby wedding; fiftieth year, golden wedding; seventy-fifth
year, diamond wedding.

The Columbian November 23, 1883
(Columbia County, PA. USA)

Weddings The following is a complete list of the wedding anniversaries;
At end of first year the cotton wedding ; second year, paper wedding ; third year, leather wedding ; fifth, year, wooden wedding ; seventh
year, woolen; wedding tenth year, tin wedding twelfth year, silk and fine linen Wedding ; fifteenth year, crystal wedding ; twentieth year, china wedding ;twenty-fifth year, silver wedding ;thirtieth year, pearl wedding ; fortieth year, ruby wedding ; fiftieth year, golden wedding ; seventy-fifth year, diamond wedding.

The Newcastle Weekly Courant. Friday, June 1, 1888;
Issue 11133
Years of Married Bliss
In this age of jubilees and silver weddings, it may not be out of place to enumerate the signification of the years of matrimony. They are as follows:–
At end of first year — Cotton wedding.
Second year — Paper wedding .
Third year — Leather wedding .
Fifth, year — Wooden wedding .
Seventh year — Woollen; wedding.
Tenth year — Tin wedding.
Twelfth year — Silk and fine linen Wedding .
Fifteenth year — Crystal wedding .
Twentieth year — China wedding.
Twenty-fifth year — Silver wedding.
Thirtieth year — Pearl wedding .
Fortieth year — Ruby wedding.
Fiftieth year — Golden wedding.
Seventy-fifth year — Diamond wedding.

The evening world, March 06,
1889, EXTRA 2 O’CLOCK (New York, USA)

Celebrating a Silver Wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Jax. McKurnan celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of their wedding last evening by entertaining a large gathering of their friends at their residence, 238 Sixth street, Jersey City. The presents were exceptionally numerous and costly. Among the guests were Mrs. Gallagher, Miss C McKernan, Miss Flake, Miss E Rulon, Mrs. Wiatt and Mr. Wiatt, Miss Powell, Miss Hamell,Miss A. Smith, Mr.T.W. Cunliffe, Miss A.Predmore. Singing and dancing were indulged in until a late hour and the affair paused off in a most pleasurable way.

Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser 26th January
1895: No. 8604 (UK)
So rarely is it that a married couple live to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of their wedding day that I may be pardoned for referring to such an event in Exeter. Mr. and Mrs. Gerred, of North-road, are the pair and I am sure all those who know them will wish that they may celebrate many more 25ths of January. Whilst on this subject I might mention that there appears to be a very general misconception as to the wedding anniversaries, and particularly as to a Diamond Wedding, which in reality, requires 75 years of marital companionship.
But I suppose I give the full list:-
First anniversary – Cotton Wedding.
Second – Paper wedding
Third – Leather wedding
Fifth — Wooden wedding
Seventh – Woollen wedding
Tenth – Tin wedding
Twelfth –Silk and fine linen wedding
Fifteenth – Crystal wedding
Twentieth — China wedding
Twenty-fifth – Silver wedding
Thirtieth – Pearl wedding
Fortieth – Ruby wedding.
Fiftieth – Golden wedding
Seventy-fifth – Diamond wedding.

The Rising son June 10, 1904

Wedding Anniversaries.
Put this list aside for future reference: First wedding anniversary is the cotton; second, paper; third, leather; fifth, wooden; seventh, woolen ;tenth, tin: twelfth, silk and linen; fifteenth, crystal; twentieth, china; twenty-fifth- , sliver; thirtieth, pearl; fortieth, ruby; fiftieth, golden, and seventy-fifth, diamond.

Evening public ledger September 20, 1920, NIGHT EXTRA (USA)
The Anniversaries
To the Editor of Woman’s Page:
Dear Madam
In your questions answered please state the different names for, the wedding anniversaries, beginning with the First anniversary and giving all the special names. I know a few, but would like to have the list, as the fifth is wooden, tenth tin (or aluminium nowadays), twentieth china and so on.
The list of wedding anniversaries Is as follows: First, cotton; second, paper; third, leather; fifth, wooden; seventh, woolen; tenth, tin (or,as you suggest aluminum); twelfth, silk and fine linen; fifteenth, crystal; twentieth, china; twenty-fifth, silver; thirtieth, pearl; fortieth, ruby; fiftieth, gold; seventy-fifth, diamond
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