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Business Anniversaries or Technical Anniversaries

We’re often asked what is the name or symbol of an anniversary of an event which do tend to vary depending upon the actual event e.g. if we were asked what is the 50th Anniversary we would say ‘Golden’ this is because we specialise in Wedding Anniversaries and 50 years is a Golden Wedding.

If you want a full list of Wedding Anniversaries then try our Wedding Anniversary Traditional List as a starting point.

This however is not always the case as often the events also have other names which this post should hopefully clarify! The technical terms are more often than not derived from the Latin terms for the period.

AnniversaryTechnical Term to useOther Terms Used
Every MonthMonthlyTechnically these are not anniversaries as less than a year has passed.
Every 3 monthsQuarterly
Twice Yearly (every 6 months)Bi-annual
1 yearAnnual
2 yearsBiennial
3 yearsTriennial
4 yearsQuadrennial
5 yearsQuinquennial
6 yearsSexennial
7 yearsSeptennial
8 yearsOctennial
9 yearsNovennial
10 yearsDecennial
11 yearsUndecennial
12 yearsDuodecennial
13 yearsTredecennial
14 yearsQuattuordecennial
15 yearsQuindecennial
20 yearsVigintennial
25 yearsSilver Jubilee*
50 yearsQuinquagenaryGolden Jubilee*
60 yearsSexagennialDiamond Jubilee*
70 yearsSeptuagennial
75 yearsDequascentennialDiamond JubileeLatin contraction of
de-quadrans which means “a whole unit less a
quarter” (de means
“from”; quadrans
means “quarter”. 75 years is a quarter century less than a whole century
or 75 = (-25 + 100)
100 yearsCentenary
150 yearsSesquicentennialTerm broken
down as sesqui- (one and a half) centennial (100 years)
175 yearsDequasbicentennialDodrabicentennialAlternative
Latin form
200 yearsBicentennial
250 yearsSestercentennialTo express 2½
in Latin it would be expressed as “half-three”. The term relates to
being halfway [from the second] to the third integer. In Latin this is
“Sestertius” which is a contraction of semis
(halfway) tertius
(third) – hence Sestercentennial.
300 yearsTercentennialTricentennial
400 yearsQuadricentennialQuatercentenary
500 yearsQuincentennial
600 yearsSexcentennial
700 yearsSeptcentennial
800 yearsOctocentennial
900 yearsNonacentennial
1000 yearsMillennial
2000 yearsBimillennial

*A ‘Jubilee’ in the western world is a term derived from the Bible and although historically had a different meaning it is used in this context to define a period of years indicated by the preceding word e.g. Silver Jubilee = 25 years, Golden Jubilee = 50 years and Diamond Jubilee = 60 years

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