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Wedding Anniversaries and the Celebs!

So, your anniversary is coming up, you want to do something nice, maybe throw a small party, go out for a romantic meal and if you’re feeling really recession-proof, perhaps go on a long romantic weekend away. Either way the chances are you’re not doing what you’re favourite celebrity couple are doing. So let’s tell you what they get up too when that time of year rolls around.

Renewing vows

Many celebrities decide to renew their wedding vows perhaps more regularly that the normal human being would. In fact, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon married 3 years and Heidi Klum and Seal married 6 years renewed their vows in 2011.

Renewing vows is a great idea to show continued commitment to one another on your anniversary, perhaps with friends and family gathering in a big gazebo at the end of your garden. However, Heidi Klum and Seal did it slightly differently, they used Donald Trump’s Palm Beach Florida estate, the theme was a masked ball and they waited until sunset to renew their vows. So far, they’ve renewed their vows every year since their wedding! We wait to see where they will renew them next year.

Expensive Gifts

Dependant on the balance on your bank account, you may choose to buy your other half an expensive gift for your anniversary, you know, perhaps some silver or gold jewellery for her or that new TV he’s been hinting at. But we don’t expect you to go all out like these celebrities. Nick Cannon, on his second wedding anniversary to Mariah Carey thoughtfully gave her a diamond encrusted pop ring complete with her name and wedding date on the top.

It’s not all Money

Victoria and David Beckham celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary with a simple trip to the beach. Well, if simple means having a constant army of paparazzi behind you. They decided to have a quiet day on a beach in Los Angeles with their kids.

Singer Beyonce Knowles and rapper Jay-Z celebrated their first wedding anniversary by being as low-key as possible. They dressed is casual clothing and visited New York’s Pastis Restaurant. You’re probably thinking that this restaurant must be upper-class and very expensive, well no actually, It’s a standard American family restaurant.

How not to celebrate¦.

Katie Price, everybody’s favourite ex-glamour model filed for divorce from Alex Reid on her 1st Wedding Anniversary. We suggest that our readers should avoid doing this as a way of celebrating 😉