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What Anniversaries do not have a Symbol

We’ve done quite a bit of research in Wedding Anniversaries and we are not aware of the following anniversaries having a special name or symbol/material associated with them;

  • 65th Wedding Anniversary (our Wedding Anniversary history page tells why)
  • Any anniversary not devisiable by 5 after the 50th Anniversary. (Check it on our Wedding anniversary selction page)
  • After the 75th Wedding Anniversary no anniversaries have symbols associated with the up until the 100th.
  • Number of years you’ve been married equals the calandar day you got married e.g. if you got married on the 11th September and you’ve been married 11 years.
  • Married to your partner for half your life, I think this should be called the Half-life Anniversary!

We think the latter two should have some sort of significance especially the Half Life Anniversary. If you think of any other special anniversary celebrations that you feel should be celebrated more or even deserve a symbol then please let us know and we’ll include it here.

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What’s the difference between China, Pottery and Porcelain

We’ve been updating the gift ideas for our anniversary suggestions and wanted to clarify what the difference is between China, Pottery, Porcelain and Bone China as each of these are a different wedding anniversary symbol.

Pottery (Traditional 8th Wedding Anniversary gift symbol) is a very generic term.  It is generally used to refer to items made from clay.  Within this context we think it refers to handmade items by the artisan, or craftsperson using their hands, molds, or a potter’s wheel.

China (Traditonal 20th Wedding anniversary gift symbol), in this context, refers to a dinnerware coming out of the country of China which is particularly fine and generally with a white base.  The mineral Kaolin is used to achieve this look. When original defined the china symbol inferred good quality products and not the cheap mass produced items that china produce nowadays, you can still find good quality china products in places like Debenhams and House of Fraser.

Bone china, which is a generic term as it actually has bone ash added to the clay and was the English response to china’s high quality porcelain exports. It’s characteristics give it whiteness and translucency that is often considered better that chinese porcelain however its high manufacture costs have always kept it in the luxury market rather than the broad spectrum some porcelains enjoy. Originally developed by Wedgewood the name is still synomous with Bone China today.

Porcelain (Modern 18th Wedding anniversary gift symbol) is the term used to refer to high quality ceramics typically originating from the China region.  Kaolin is used in the manufacture, and it is usually delicate however it is also relatively tough. With good quality Porcelain you should be able to see the shadow of your fingers if you hold it up to the light with your  fingers behind it.

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Planning your 1st Anniversary

We thought we would start our blogs with nothing to do with Anniversaries and talk about the wedding!!

Why I hear you ask; well as if you’ve not got enough on your plate at the wedding there are some great things you can do during the run up to the wedding day and immediately after to help make the 1st (and future) anniversaries more memorable.

Remembering simple things and jotting them down either on paper, in a blog or in your wedding planner will really help, believe me after a year of what will be an extremely busy one likely to be full of change and acclimatisation to becoming one half of a ‘couple’ there will be some details that you wished you had remembered.

We’ve put a basic list below of some of the things people forget as an aide memoire; use it as a list to store the details against. Is there something you wish you could remember from the actual wedding day let us know and we’ll add it to the list as a useful reminder for other couples.

  • First Song Danced to as a married couple.
  • Last song Danced to at the Wedding Celebration
  • The Menu for the Wedding Breakfast meal.
  • The Band or DJs Name
  • The Official’s name (or their formal title)
  • All your Guests

Is there something you wish you could remember from the actual wedding day? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list as a useful reminder for other couples. Writing this 24 years on from the original wedding I can say the item I struggle with the most is the actual guest list.