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Thanking People for Gifts

Thank you cards and correct etiquette

There is a certain etiquette that has been established over time for thanking people for gifts whether that gift is for your Wedding Anniversary or indeed another celebration.

The degree you go to will also vary depending upon your family and friends and if there are any developed conventions within your group.

Generally you should thank people if they have given you a gift, it is considered good manners to do so, how you thank them will again depend upon your social circle and the expectations they place upon you.

A good why to thank people for the gift is to make mention of it, by name, and include something complimentary about it’s appearance and usefulness.

Thanking People for Gifts

Below we’ve listed the best methods to use when thanking someone in order of the most preferred to acceptable:

  1. Hand-written note, hand delivered or posted.
  2. Thank you Notelet, Hand written
  3. Video Message.
  4. eMail or Direct Message to their own (not business) account
  5. Via public social Media

It is always good to mention the gift they gave and if possible never thank them in the 1st sentence of the letter. e.g. Dear Dave, What a lovely calendar you gave us this Christmas. Thank you.

You would be better to say something like ‘Dear Dave, It was great to see you at Christmas and I hope you had a great time. Thank you for the lovely Calendar you gave us, we’re planning to hang it on our Kitchen door replacing last year’s one and will be ideal to keep track of the coming year.’