flower wedding anniversary gifts

Flower Wedding Anniversary Gifts List

Themes for flower wedding anniversary gifts come from a list of popular flowers that are associated with each specific year. The different years, the majority of the time, have different flower associated with that year, here we are talking about the appropriate Flower Anniversary List, other popular lists include the the Modern, Traditional and Gemstone lists. The general idea behind this is so that you can select a gift with the theme of the material mentioned for the year thus making it easier to select an appropriate gift.

The Flower Wedding Anniversary Gifts List

The Flower Wedding Anniversary list has developed over the generations into the one shown below, some of the years have variations on the theme depending upon who has published the list. More history of how the wedding list evolved is available on our Flower Wedding List History page

Below in the list the anniversary year will link you to pages with ideas available from all the Gift lists (e.g. Traditional, Modern, Gemstone and Flower) or choose the flowers for the year you are celebrating, or buying for, for a list of wedding anniversary gifts specific to that flower and year.

Some years have no flower within the flower wedding anniversary gifts list, below the fiftieth these anniversaries will have a theme in the Modern Anniversary List. Above the 50th they have no theme or material.

Anniversary YearAssociated Flower
1st Wedding Anniversary Pansies
2nd Wedding Anniversary Cosmos
3rd Wedding Anniversary Fushsia
4th Wedding Anniversary Geranium
5th Wedding Anniversary Daisies
6th Wedding Anniversary Calla lilies
7th Wedding Anniversary Jack-in-the-pulpit
8th Wedding Anniversary Clematis
9th Wedding Anniversary Poppies
10th Wedding Anniversary Daffodils
11th Wedding Anniversary Morning Glories
12th Wedding Anniversary Peonies
13th Wedding Anniversary Hollyhoch
14th Wedding Anniversary Dahlia
15th Wedding Anniversary Roses
20th Wedding Anniversary Day Lily
25th Wedding Anniversary Iris
30th Wedding Anniversary Sweet pea
40th Wedding Anniversary Nasturtium
50th Wedding Anniversary Violets

Milestone Flower wedding anniversary gifts

This anniversary gift list is one of the only lists to break with the tradition and not use the traditional themes for the major anniversaries, instead they suggest a flower for those milestone years thus for an unusual idea you could use the flower wedding anniversary gifts list as the ideal present.

Saying it with Flowers – the language of flowers

The meanings of flowers from the Flower wedding anniversary gifts can be found below, romantics naturally write each other love-letters be it via text, email or the true sense of the words and actually post a letter. Messages however may be sent – sometimes by a third person who is not in their happy secret – or sentiments exchanged without the written, or even the spoken word, and it is here that the language of flowers – one of the sweetest and most charming languages in the world it will be found valuable.

Every flower has a meaning, and it is possible to say ” I love you,” or “ Do you love me?” or to send a greeting, a message of hope or encouragement, by the simple means of a spray of blossom or a single flower rightly chosen. Here are the meanings of all the better-known flowers, many of which you may find growing in your own gardens or by the wayside.

Almond. This lovely blossom, coming so early in the year, means “hope,” and a girl giving a spray to her boyfriend could by this means tell him that there is a chance for him to become more than a friend, for as an old poet puts it :

“The hope, in dreams of a happier hour,

That alights on misery’s brow,

Springs out of the silvery almond flower,

That blooms on a leafless bough.”

Apple blossom. This signifies “I have heard of you,” and could be given by a girl or a young man who has at last achieved an introduction for which they have been waiting.

Asphodel. This flower has rather a sad meaning, for it signifies regret for a lost love, and to wear the asphodel means to mourn.

Aster. This flower gives a girl a chance of showing she has changed her mind, for it means ” after­thought “and, given to a boy she had sent away, might bid him hope once more.

Azalea bas a lovely meaning for it says: “True till death.”

Bachelor’s Buttons. The name of this flower will tell that it means “a single life,” and in some country districts a boy who had fallen in love with a girl would wear a “button” in his coat. If it kept fresh it was a sign the girl returned his affection, but if it faded then be was doomed to be a bachelor.

Balsam. This flower may be worn- by the girl who is not yet ready for love, since it means “touch-me-not.”

Bay-leaf. This signifies : ” I change but in death,” and would be a beautiful message to send to an absent beloved.

Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade) Owing to it’s poisonous berries this may not seem a very pleasant blossom, yet, in the flower language, it is very useful, for it means “silence” and to those lovers who wish to keep their romance a tender secret between themselves, may be very helpful at times.

Bergamot. Any girl receiving this may regard it as a compliment, for it means “sweetness.”

Bilberry. Warning may be given by means of this plant, for it means “treachery,” and can thus convey a message that a trouble-maker is near.

Bird’s-eye. This tells those who receive it to be on the alert for it signifies “watchfulness.”

Bluebell. This pretty flower means “fidelity.”

Box. Endurance.

Boy’s Love (Southernwood). This fragrant plant means “a jest” and in olden times was sometimes given by a girl to a boy whom she considered too young for serious lovemaking.

Branch of Currants. Anyone being offered this may feel flattered, for it means: “You please all.”

Briar Rose. This flower was often worn by those whose love affair was not going smoothly, for it signifies “pleasure and pain.”

Broom. A fitting flower for the shy lover, since it means “humility,” or “I am not worthy to aspire to you.”

Buttercup. A charming little flower, but with an ugly meaning, for it signifies “ingratitude.”

Calceolaria. A flower that should be pressed and treasured, for it means : “Keep this for my sake.”

Campanula. “Gratitude.”

Candytuft. A lover would, hardly be pleased to be offered & buttonhole of these pretty little flowers, for their meaning is “indifference.”

Canterbury Bell. This should be a favourite with true lovers, since it signifies “constancy.”

Carnation. This lovely flower has various meanings, according to the colour. One to whom love had come at first sight might well wear a red flower, for this means “Alas, for my poor heart.” A girl may dash her boy’s hopes with a yellow carnation, since this signifies “refusal,” while woe to the boy who is offered a striped one, with its meaning of “disdain.”

Cedar Leaf. A real lover’s message may be sent with these, since they say: “I live for thee.”

Celandine. This is for the lover who hopes, for it means “joys to come.”

Chestnut Blossom. One who has been misrepresented may well choose this flower, since it says to the loved one, “Do me justice.”

China Aster (double). This flower should be a favourite with sweethearts who have come to an understanding, for it whispers “I share your sentiments. “

Chrysanthemum (red). This bears the loveliest message in the world for it says: “I love you.”

Clarkia. This is hardly a ball­room flower, yet it is there it should be found, since it asks: “Will you dance with me?”

Clover (white). A simple little blossom to give to the friend who is going away, for it says: “Remember me.”

Clover (four-leaved). The boy who is too shy to tell his love can say: “Be mine,” with this.

Columbine. Here’s a flower for the faint-hearted, since it means: “Resolved to win.”

Convolvulus. Those whom Cupid has chained should like this, for it signifies “bonds.”

Coreopsis. “Love at first sight.”

Cornflower. A flower we should all be glad to wear, since it stands for “kindness.”

Crocus. If you have had a tiff with your man, this little flower may bear a message for you, since it means “reconciliation.”

Daffodil. All girls would like to see this flower a favourite with their boyfriends, for it stands for “chivalry.”

Dahlia. This beautiful flower has a beautiful meaning “Friendship.”

Daisy. This humble little blossom has always played a large part in the language of flowers. In olden days, when a lady was not sure about her feelings for her knight, she wreathed wild daisies in her hair, and these told him: “I will think of it.” If she accepted him, he had daisies engraved on his shield, and these proclaimed: “I share your love.”

Dog-violet. This means what all sweethearts crave: “Faithfulness.”

Eglantine (sweetbriar). This means: “I wound to heal,” and stands for the mingled pleasure and pain of love. Here is a beautiful little verse about it :

“From this bleeding hand of mine,

Take this sprig of eglantine;

Which, tho’ sweet unto your smell,

Yet, the fretful brier will tell,

He who plucks the sweets shall prove

Many thorns to be in love.”  Robert Herrick.

Elder. Blossoms of this signify something we do not like to feel : “remorse.”

Even-leaved Ash. This is a lucky leaf, as we can tell from this old rhyme:

” An even-leaved ash,

And a four-leaved clover,

You’ll see your true love,

Before the day is over.”

Fennel. This plant is said to bring its wearer “courage.”

Fern. This means what we should all like to feel we possess, “fascination.”

Forget-me-not. This has always been a lovers’ flower, and its name is its meaning. Legend tells us that it got its name from a sad incident. Two lovers were strolling by a river when the girl expressed a wish for some of the little flowers which grew by the edge of the water. Her companion began to pluck them for her, overbalanced and fell in. The current was strong and as he was swept away he flung the flowers he had gathered at her feet and cried: “Forget-me-not.”

Foxglove. This is supposed to be the fairies’ flower, but it has not a fairy meaning, since it stands for “insincerity.”

Geranium. This flower has several meanings according to its colour. The oak-leaved variety stands for “true friendship,” a scarlet flower for “comfort,” and a white one for “innocence.”

Gillyflower. This is a real “friendship” flower, for all friends like to feel they are united in “bonds of affection,” which is the meaning of this old-fashioned blossom.

Golden Rod. This is a good flower to send to the backward wooer, for it signifies “encouragement.”

Hart’s-tongue. “Longing ” is the meaning of this pretty fern.

Hawthorn. Though this fragrant blossom is so often considered unlucky, in the flower language it signifies “hope.”

Hazel. Here is a plant for those who regret a quarrel. It says: “Let us be reconciled.”

Heartsease. If you wish to tell a friend you think of him, give them this flower, which means: “You occupy my thoughts.”

Heather. This stands for “courage,” and white heather carried by a bride brings good fortune.

Heliotrope. “Devotion,” may be expressed by a gift of this lovely flower.

Hollyhock. This tall flower has a very suitable meaning, for it signifies “ambition.”

Honesty. The meaning of this flower lies in its name.

Honeysuckle. A meaning as sweet as the flower itself, for it expresses “generous and devoted affection.”

Hyacinth. Another flower which means “affection.”

Ivy. This plant has always stood for constancy and fidelity. In some countries it is a symbol of “wedded love.”

Jasmine. This should be for happy lovers, since it signifies “transport of joy.”

Jonquil. Anyone who loves could choose this flower, which murmurs: “I desire a return of affection.”

Laburnum. A flower which would appeal to the jilted, for it 1neans “forsaken.”

Laurel. The leaves of this shrub stand for “glory,” which is the reason a victor’s crown was always twined with them.

Lavender. It seems strange that so charming a bloom should bear the ugly meaning “distrust,” but there is an old belief that a certain poisonous snake always hid in the lavender bushes, hence they were to be distrusted.

Lilac. A meaning as sweet as its perfume: “First thoughts of love.”

Lily. The chosen flower of brides, it signifies “purity and sweetness,”

Lily of the Valley. This flower might well be worn by the girl who is going to meet her sweetheart after a long absence, for it means “return of happiness.”

London Pride. Not to be worn on serious occasion, since it stands for “frivolity.”

Love-in-a-mist. The ways of love are often a little mystifying, and this charming little flower signifies “perplexity.”

Love-lies-bleeding. ” Hopeless, but not heartless,” is the message of this flower.

Maiden-hair. “Secrecy” is the word whispered by this delicate fern.

Marigold. A bright flower with a dark meaning, for it expresses “grief.”

Mignonette. A great compliment may be conveyed by this, for it says: “Your qualities surpass even your charms.”

Mistletoe. We all know what is associated with this plant, but its real meaning is: “I surmount difficulties.”

Moss Rose. Here is a sweet way of making a proposal, for this lovely flower is “a confession of love.”

Mountain Ash. This means “prudence,” and was in earlier times supposed to be a guard against witchcraft.

Myrtle. There is no wonder that brides so often carry this in their wedding bouquets, for it expresses “love.”

Narcissus. The unselfish will not choose this, for it means “self­love.”

Nettle. This has a meaning very suited to it, for it says: “You are cruel.”

Periwinkle. A flower once used in the making of love potions. It signifies “early friendship.”

Petunia. “Never despair,”‘ says this happy blossom.

Pimpernel. Sweethearts may find this tiny flower useful, for it murmurs: “I will arrange a meeting.”

Pink. “Pure love ” is expressed by this old favourite.

Poppy. This is a flaunting flower, and we need not be surprised that it means “extravagance.”

Pyrethrum. This might be favoured by the girl whose sweetheart doubts her, for it says : “I have not changed; you wrong me.”

Rhododendron. A flower broken from this bids you “beware.”

Rose. The queen of flowers could not mean anything but “love,” while the old-fashioned but fragrant cabbage rose is “a messenger of love.”

Sage. ” Esteem” is expressed by this herb.

Salvia. This flower bears the sweet message: ” I think of thee.”

Scilla. This flower aims at re­conciliation, for it whispers: “Forgive and forget.”

Snapdragon. This signifies “presumption.”

Snowdrop. As this is one of the first flowers of the year it is fitting that it should express “hope.”

Sunflower. “Adoration” is the meaning of this flower.

Thrift. A flower with a pleasant meaning, for it expresses “sympathy.”

Tulip. Most girls would appreciate the message conveyed by this flower, for it stands for “a declaration of love.”

Violet. Since this little flower hides in its leaves we can understand why it expresses “modesty.”

Wallflower. This sweet, old-fashioned flower expresses a beautiful virtue: “fidelity in adversity.”

If, by good fortune, your sweetheart should find a four-leaved clover and present it to you, you may take it as a sign of the greatest luck and happiness. Here is a little beautiful legend attached to this:

Three beautiful sisters, Faith, Hope and Charity, came to visit the earth, and wherever their footsteps pressed there sprang up the fragrant clover blossoms. more But after them came an even more wonderful being whose name “Love,” and it was for him that there sprung the four-leafed clover.