21st wedding anniversary gifts and ideas

  • Traditional List Gifts

    No Traditional Anniversary Gift themeNo Traditional Anniversary Gifts Theme
  • Modern List Gifts

    Brass, NickelBrass
    nickel modern wedding anniversary gifts
  • Gemstone List Gifts

    Iolitegemstone wedding anniversary gifts iolite
  • Flower List Gifts

    No Anniversary Flower themeNo Anniversary Flowers theme

The Contemporary or Modern 21st anniversary gifts have a theme of Nickel or Brass. The Gemstone list shows Iolite associated with the 21st Wedding Anniversary. Finally, there are no appropriate flowers nor a traditional gift for the year.


What is 21st wedding anniversary gift in the UK?

The modern or contemporary theme for the 21st anniversary gift is nickel or brass. Those two elements are stunning metals that opens up the doors to a myriad of items and gifts that will be perfect for the 21st anniversary.  In the UK brass is easier to visibly see although nickel is present in many items of jewellery, it is used as the base metal before items are plated making it difficult to see.