Wedding Anniversary Colours

As with each wedding anniversary that you celebrate has a definite theme, such as paper for the first year through  to Diamonds for the 60th anniversary, so do most anniversaries have a colour theme, you might like to think about decorating your venue to tie in with this theme. This could just mean coloured tablecloths, napkins and a few flowers and balloons, or something a lot more elaborate.

Below is a list of the wedding anniversaries and the colour associated with the year. If the anniversary year you are looking for is not listed then we do not have never found a colour listed for that year, if you do find one please let us know!


Anniversary Year Colour
1st Papyrus Yellow
2nd Linen White
3rd Fawn
4th Green
5th Turquoise
6th White
7th Off White
8th Bronze
9th Terracotta
10th Silver
11th Turquoise
12th Oyster White
13th White
14th Ivory
15th Ruby Red
16th Silver
17th Yellow
18th Blue
19th Bronze
20th Emerald Green or White
21st Orange
22nd Green
23rd Silver
24th Lavender
25th Silver
30th Green
35th Coral
40th Ruby Red
45th Sapphire Red
50th Gold
55th Emerald Green
60th Diamond White
65th Sky Blue
70th Platinum
75th Diamond White

The wedding anniversary colours listed are not a definitive list, however they have been collected during our research into wedding anniversaries and generally reflect the traditional anniversary theme or material associated with the year.