40th Year Wedding Anniversary

40th year wedding anniversary - Ruby Wedding

Congratulations are due to any couple reaching their 40th year wedding anniversary. As this is a major milestone in your marriage, it’s important to show you loved one just how much they mean to you and to show your appreciation. We can give you some fantastic wedding anniversary gift ideas. As with many of the wedding anniversary celebrations, there are certain symbols and items associated with the date, and the 40th year wedding anniversary is no different.

Ruby is the main focus for the 40th wedding anniversary gift both in colour and the gem. The pink or blood red gemstone is one of the most sought-after gems due to their luscious colour and beautiful look. They are perfect for a bright, bold ring, necklace or for earrings and your wife would adore having jewellery with rubies in them. The whole theme for the 40th year wedding anniversary is the ruby, even the modern day equivalent is still the ruby and therefore you should look for many items that have the gorgeous red stones in them.

40th year wedding anniversary appropriate flower - nasturtium

As with other wedding anniversary dates that have flowers associated with them, the 40th wedding anniversary is connected to the nasturtium flower. Also known as the tropaeloum, this stunning red flower carries on the ruby theme and looks beautiful either by itself or grouped together.

There are yellow flowers and different species but to keep with the “ruby” theme the red ones are perfect. Your spouse’s face will light up when she sees the nasturtium jewel and you can be assured that it will be one of the most memorable and unique gifts you could ever buy her. The great thing about the tropaeloum is that it can be eaten. You could add the petals to salads or use the leaves to eat in stir fries – in fact all of the parts of the flower can be eaten.

As the 40th year wedding anniversary gift should be really special, we have lined up some exceptional ideas and wedding anniversary gifts for you to choose from. Making the day that has been so special to you for 40 years can be so easy if you browse our site for rubies and ruby coloured flowers. We have a wide range of the most perfect gifts for all wedding anniversaries, but remember, for the 40th wedding anniversary choose a gift that will really make an impact and make it worth all of the effort.

The 40th year wedding anniversary Facts and Figures

This year, to be celebrating your 40th Anniversary, you would have wed in 1982.

Also known as the Ruby Wedding.

  • Traditional Gift Theme: Ruby
  • Modern Gift Theme: Ruby
  • Gemstone Gift Theme: Ruby
  • Appropriate Flower: Nasturtium
40th year spotlight image

On the 40th anniversary of your marriage you would have been:

  • married for 14,600 days or
  • 350,400 hours or
  • 21,024,000 minutes,
  • over 1,261 million seconds

During this time you would have shared, on average, over 109,500 hours of snuggle time (sleeping!) or about 12 years, 6 months; assuming you don’t work together you’ve been apart for over 84,576 hours which is about 9 years, 8 months. You would have by now shared about 31,800 meals together which equates to approximately 2 years, 1 months of continuous eating!

40th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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