65th year Wedding Anniversary

The 65th Wedding Anniversary does not have a traditional gift theme. After 50 years the traditional gift themes originally stuck to Jubilee years, so 75th was the next anniversary. Likewise the Contemporary or Modern anniversary list shows that there are no 65th anniversary gift themes. Furthermore there are no flowers associated with the 65th anniversary.

The Gemstone list shows Star Sapphire as an appropriate gift theme for the 65th Anniversary. Star Sapphire is a Six Ray star naturally occurring gemstone. It is most often cut and polished as a Cabochon style stone to emphasise the star shape. It is in the same family as the well know blue sapphire. Some people believe sapphire to be the wisdom stone. It is available in different colours with the Blue Sapphire being the most prized and well known.

This year, to be celebrating your 65th Anniversary, you would have wed in 1957.

65th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Please see our 65th Anniversary Gifts page for our full range of gift ideas some are below;