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Modern Wedding Anniversary Gift List

Along with the traditional wedding anniversary gift list there is a modern version. Although a little bit misleading as it was launched in 1937 this anniversary gift list gives alternative gift themes for some years as well as giving a theme for every anniversary year up to the 50th Anniversary.

The Modern Anniversary Gift List

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The Modern Anniversary Gift List is a great way to find the perfect gift for your loved one. This anniversary guide includes everything from jewellery and clothes, to furniture or home décor items that they’ll love!

It’s called “modern” because at one point in history these were all new trends you needed on your list – but now? They’re just standard pieces everyone needs every year.

Below if you select the anniversary year you are interested in you’ll be taken to a page with details on both the traditional and modern wedding anniversary gifts to give you more options. What’s more, if you select the material/theme link we’ll give you ideas for gifts relevant to that theme.

Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts List

The Modern Anniversary gifts list has a theme for every year up to the 50th anniversary. Thereafter it’s only every fifth year up till the 75th Wedding Anniversary that has a theme.

YearModern Material
1st year anniversaryClocks
2nd year anniversaryChina
3rd year anniversaryCrystal or Glass
4th year anniversaryElectrical Appliances
5th year anniversarySilverware
6th year anniversaryWood
7th year anniversaryDesk Set
8th year anniversaryLinen or Lace
9th year anniversaryLeather
10th year anniversaryDiamond Jewellery
11th year anniversaryFashion Jewellery
12th year anniversaryPearls or Coloured Gems
13th year anniversaryTextiles or Furs
14th year anniversaryGold Jewellery
15th year anniversaryWatches
16th year anniversarySilver Holloware
17th year anniversaryFurniture
18th year anniversaryPorcelain
19th year anniversaryBronze
20th year anniversaryPlatinum
21st year anniversaryBrass or Nickel
22nd year anniversaryCopper
23rd year anniversarySilver Plate
24th year anniversaryMusical Instruments
25th year anniversarySilver
26th year anniversaryOriginal Pictures
27th year anniversarySculpture
28th year anniversaryOrchids
29th year anniversaryFurniture
30th year anniversaryDiamond Jewellery
31st year anniversaryTimepieces
32nd year anniversaryConveyances
33rd year anniversaryAmethyst
34th year anniversaryOpal
35th year anniversary Jade
36th year anniversaryBone China
37th year anniversaryAlabaster
38th year anniversaryBeryl
39th year anniversaryLace
40th year anniversary Ruby
41st year anniversaryLand
42nd year anniversaryImproved Real Estate
43rd year anniversaryTravel
44th year anniversaryGroceries
45th year anniversarySapphire
46th year anniversaryOriginal Poetry Tribute
47th year anniversaryBooks
48th year anniversaryOptical Goods
49th year anniversaryLuxuries, any kind
50th year anniversaryGold Jewellery
55th year anniversaryEmerald
60th year anniversaryDiamonds
70th year anniversaryPlatinum
75th year anniversaryDiamonds
Modern Wedding Anniversary Gift List

Gift List Variations

In the list above we’ve listed the most popular theme/material first. Although you may find there are other themes or materials. We list these because we have found references to these in various influential publications. Certainly, there is no definitive list.

Milestone Modern anniversary gifts

The modern wedding anniversary gifts list is the same as the Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts List on what are viewed to be the major anniversaries e.g. 25th Anniversary is Silver, 40th Anniversary Is Ruby and the 50th Anniversary is Gold on both lists.

What are the Traditional gifts for anniversaries?

Wedding anniversaries are a special occasion to celebrate the love and commitment that a couple has for each other. While the modern list of anniversary gifts by year consists of mostly material items, the traditional list is focused on more sentimental gifts.

By way of example, the first wedding anniversary is traditionally associated with paper, signifying the fragile nature of new relationships. Then the second-anniversary gift is cotton, representing the need for a couple to work together to achieve their goals. Which leads on to the third-anniversary gift is leather, which signifies the strength and durability of a couple’s bond.

Ultimately, the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year are meant to symbolise the different stages of a relationship, from the tentative early days to the enduring partnership of a long-term marriage. Check out the full Traditional anniversary gift list for full details of what years have a gift theme.

What is the list for anniversary years?

Themes for modern wedding anniversary gifts come from a list of materials that are associated with each specific marriage year. Each has different themes or materials associated with it.

Here we are just referring to the Modern Wedding Anniversary List. Other popular anniversary lists include the Traditional, Gemstone or Flower lists. The benefit behind this is, that you can select a gift with the theme of the material mentioned for the wedding anniversary year thus making it easier to select an appropriate gift.

What are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year?

When a wedding anniversary comes around, it can be tough to decide what gift to give. To help, wedding anniversary gifts are often split into two lists: the modern list and the traditional list.

The traditional list is based on materials that were associated with each year of marriage, while the modern list has a more general theme. For example, the first wedding anniversary is traditionally associated with paper, while the modern equivalent is clocks. The second wedding anniversary is Cotton, and the third is leather. Following the fourth wedding anniversary, which is fruit or flowers, the traditional fifth-anniversary gift is wood. The modern equivalent is silverware.

With each subsequent year, the traditional gift becomes more valuable, with gold being presented for the 50th anniversary and diamonds for the 60th. Whatever gift you choose to give, make sure it comes from the heart.

What is the best gift for a marriage anniversary?

The answer to this question depends on the couple in question and what type of gift would be most meaningful to them. If the couple is traditional, then a gift from the traditional wedding anniversary list would be appropriate. If they are more modern, then a gift from the modern wedding anniversary gifts list would be more suitable or you could opt for both. Ultimately, the best gift is one that comes from the heart and celebrates the couple’s love for each other.

If you need more help in choosing a gift, we’ve many blog articles on finding the right anniversary gift that may give you the inspiration you need. You could also take a look at our range of personalised gifts which are always popular for anniversaries.

We are sure that whatever you choose for the happy couple they will surely love and appreciate their thoughtful gift.