4th Wedding Anniversary gifts & ideas

  • Traditional List Gifts

    Books, Flowers, Fruit4th Wedding anniversary traditional material of Books
    traditional 4th wedding anniversary gifts themed with flowers
    traditional 4th wedding anniversary gifts themed with fruit
  • Modern List Gifts

    Electrical Appliancesback away from the electrical appliances
  • Gemstone List Gifts

    Amethyst, Topaz4th Wedding Anniversary gifts themed with Amethyst
    gemstone 4th wedding anniversary themed with topaz
  • Flower List Gifts

    Geraniumflowers 4th wedding anniversary gifts Geranium

Traditional 4th wedding anniversary gifts have a theme of Fruit and Flowers or Books. Modern 4th anniversary gift has a theme of Electrical Appliances. The flowers associated with the 4th anniversary are Geranium. The Gemstone list shows Amethyst or Topaz associated with this Wedding Anniversary.

Modern materials



Traditional Materials

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