16th Year Wedding Anniversary

The 16th year wedding anniversary does not have a traditional wedding anniversary material, symbol or flower associated with the celebration, as you can see below the other lists do have symbols to use or if you have been using the traditional list then effectively you have a free choice for a gift.

16th year wedding anniversary modern symbol

The Contemporary or Modern anniversary list states the gift theme for the 16th year wedding anniversary is Silver Hollowware. The term Silver Hollowware can be a difficult one to define nowadays it used to mean items made from silver that are hollow; nowadays it can also cover items that are silver plated thus not necessarily completely made from silver. Silver plated ornaments and sculptures would most likely fall into this category as does most silver cutlery sets.

16th year anniversary gemstone aquamarine image

The Gemstone Anniversary List shows Aquamarine as the gemstone associated with the 16th Wedding Anniversary. Other references we have seen also mention Peridot or Topaz as the appropriate Gemstone for this year.

Lots of folklore and traditions surround gemstones, Aquamarine whose name is derived from Latin and means ‘sea-water’ is said to stand for ‘faithfulness’ and is also a charm for those setting out on a long journey over seas.

A notable Aquamarine gemstone was owned by Julia, daughter of Titus; the Roman Emperor (Aquamarine with Julia Image) The Gemstone had her portrait etched into the stone, the gemstone is now kept in France’s National Museum in Paris.

16th year wedding anniversary gemstone peridot image

Peridot is an olive-green colour in its most common form. In ancient times it was believed to protect the owner from evil and is used in crystal therapy as a powerful cleansing stone said to  release and neutralise toxins on all levels.

16th year Anniversary facts and figures

16th year spotlight image

This year (2022) to be celebrating your 16th Anniversary you would have married in 2006.

On the anniversary of your wedding you would have been married for about

  • 5,840 days (this is dependent upon when leap years have occurred) or
  • 140,160 hours  or
  • 8,409,600 minutes which is
  • over ½ billion seconds. (504,576,000 seconds approx.)

During this time you would have shared, on average, over 43,800 hours of snuggle time (sleeping!) or 1,825 days which equates to 5 continuous years.

Assuming you don’t work together you’ve been apart for over 33,830 hours (1,410 days or 3 years, 10 months) and have had over 12,000 meals together which equates to approximately 7,420 hours of continuous eating!

16th Year Wedding anniversary Gift Ideas

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