1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Ideas

  • Traditional List Gifts

    PaperTraditional Wedding Anniversary Paper
  • Modern List Gifts

    Clocksclocks modern wedding anniversary gifts
  • Gemstone List Gifts

    Fresh Water Pearlsgemstone wedding anniversary gifts fresh water pearls
  • Flower List Gifts

    Pansiesappropriate flower wedding anniversary gifts pansies

The Traditional 1st wedding anniversary gifts have a theme or symbol of Paper; our best seller for the first anniversary is our Wedding Anniversary Memory book, made of paper and enables you to record details of where you are for each year. A Modern first wedding anniversary symbol is a Clock; we’ve got a great selection of clocks to choose from.

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The Gemstone associated with this Wedding Anniversary is Fresh Water Pearls and the flowers associated with this anniversary are Pansies.

If you are wondering what we mean by Traditional, Modern, Gemstone or associated flowers then check out our etiquette section on our main site.

What is 1st wedding anniversary gift in the UK?

Traditionally the 1st-anniversary gift is now Paper themed. We have plenty of resources that show it used to be cotton however effectively this is now defunct.

It’s your choice

How you choose to celebrate may set the precedence to many happy years together, if your partner decides not to celebrate your anniversary how you like now is probably the best time to discuss what your feelings are.

Intimate Celebrations

The first anniversary, as is typical for all the early anniversaries, is normally intimately celebrated by the couple, it is the later anniversaries where lavish parties are thrown; having said that if you are a party animal nothing is stopping you from having a party, get your mates round and watch the wedding video together over a pizza and a few drinks.

If you do decide to throw a celebration then it would be down to the couple to arrange the function, this does not mean you have to do it personally merely that the burden is not traditionally placed on any other family member. For more etiquette answers check out our FAQs in the etiquette section. If you want more suggestions on appropriate gifts to get then select one of the hyperlinks above we’ve separated our suggestions into exotic; when you want to push the boat out and celebrate. Sensual; for some loving and intimate ideas and finally our Thoughtful section; some of our suggestions in this section take time and devotion to make perfect however these are often the best, after all, don’t they always say it’s the thought that counts!

Your 1st anniversary is special, it’s the first of many anniversaries and celebrates the first year with your chosen life partner. It should also be the end of a period of adjustment for both partners having spent all the seasons together in marriage you now have an understanding of future years to come.

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