Today in History

Today In History

If there are any notable events in history, especially weddings we have listed them below.

1882 Fiorello La Guardia was born.
1913 Carlo Ponti was born.
1931 Rita Moreno was born.
1942 Donna Mills was born.
1944 Brenda Lee was born.
1949 Teri Garr was born.
1954 Jermaine Jackson was born.
1979 Rider Strong was born.
Name Days
1000 Dan, from the Hebrew, 'God has judged'
1000 Daniel, from the Hebrew, 'God has judged'
1000 Daniella, from the Hebrew, 'God has judged'
1000 Danielle, from the Hebrew, 'God has judged'
1000 Danny, from the Hebrew, 'God has judged'
1000 Deiniol, from the Hebrew, 'God has judged'
2000 Feast Day of Daniel, from the Hebrew, 'God has judged'. Most Christians, perhaps, named in honour of Daniel are named after the Old Testament prophet who outfaced the lions in their den and who had such strange visions. There are actually three St Daniels named after him: one, a medieval missionary to the Moors during the crusade_s; another, a French missionary to Senegal whose special love was for orphans, who died in 1936. The third, the most famous Daniel of all, was the Stylite (or pillar-saint) who lived in the fifth century. He lived a perfectly ordinary monk's life until he paid two visits to Simon the Stylite, who lived as a hermit on top of a 60-foot pillar on Mount Telanissae. It fired his enthusiasm so much that he was ordained on top of a pillar of his own, given to him by the Emperor Leo I, and lived there for 33 years. He came down only once, to reprimand the Emperor Basilicus for supporting a heretical doctrine. Otherwise, he lived atop his pillar, healing the sick, giving spiritual direction and preaching very good sermons

Tomorrow’s notable events

Below are the events we have registered for tomorrow:

12-12-1893Edward G. Robinson was born.
12-12-1915Frank Sinatra was born.
12-12-1918Joe Williams was born.
12-12-1923Bob Barker was born.
12-12-1938Connie Francis was born.
12-12-1941Dionne Warwick was born.
12-12-1952Cathy Rigby was born.
12-12-1957Sheila E. was born.
12-12-1970Mädchen Amick was born.
12-12-1975Mayim Bialik was born.