Today in History

Today In History

If there are any notable events in history, especially weddings we have listed them below.

1897 Frank Capra was born.
1912 Perry Como was born.
1919 Margot Fonteyn was born.
1920 Pope John Paul II was born.
1930 Pernell Roberts was born.
1931 Robert Morse was born.
1934 Dwayne Hickman was born.
1946 Reggie Jackson was born.
1952 George Strait was born.
1955 Chow Yun-Fat was born.
Name Days
1000 Eric, from Old Norse, 'ever ruling'
2000 Feast Day of Eric, from Old Norse, 'ever ruling'. Eric IX became King of Sweden in 1150. He was a very pious, good, Christian man and systematically set about ensuring that not only his own subjects but also the neighbouring heathen Finns became Christians too. He codified Swedish law, and built the first Swedish cathedral in Uppsala. He also defended his country against Finnish attack. Unfortunately, he was murdered in 1161 by a band of Danes, abetted by some of his own treacherous countrymen.

Tomorrow’s notable events

Below are the events we have registered for tomorrow:

19-05-1890Ho Chi Minh was born.
19-05-1925Malcolm X was born.
19-05-1939James Fox was born.
19-05-1941Nora Ephron was born.
19-05-1945Pete Townshend was born.
19-05-1952Grace Jones was born.
19-05-1997Sarah Jessica Parker marries Matthew Broderick in Manhattan's Lower East Side.