Today in History

Today In History

If there are any notable events in history, especially weddings we have listed them below.

1912 Eugene Ionesco was born.
1912 Eric Severeid was born.
1922 Charles Schulz was born.
1933 Robert Goulet was born.
1938 Rich Little was born.
1938 Tina Turner was born.

Tomorrow’s notable events

Below are the events we have registered for tomorrow:

27-11-1909James Agee was born.
27-11-1917'"Buffalo' Bob Smith" was born.
27-11-1940Bruce Lee was born.
27-11-1941Eddie Rabbit was born.
27-11-1942Jimi Hendrix was born.
27-11-1957Caroline Kennedy was born.
27-11-1964Robin Givens was born.
27-11-1970Brooke Langton was born.
27-11-1976Jaleel White was born.