Today in History

Today In History

If there are any notable events in history, especially weddings we have listed them below.

1922 Pierre Cardin was born.
1927 Doc Severinsen was born.
1940 Ringo Starr was born.
1949 Shelley Duvall was born.
1969 Cree Summer was born.
1980 Michelle Kwan was born.

Tomorrow’s notable events

Below are the events we have registered for tomorrow:

08-07-1839John D. Rockefeller was born.
08-07-1908Nelson Rockefeller was born.
08-07-1914Billy Eckstine was born.
08-07-1935Steve Lawrence was born.
08-07-1951Anjelica Huston was born.
08-07-1952Marianne Williamson was born.
08-07-1958Kevin Bacon was born.
08-07-1973Kathleen Robertson was born.
08-07-1989Bryan Cranston marries Robin Dearden