Today in History

Today In History

If there are any notable events in history, especially weddings we have listed them below.

1990 Jayne Torvill marries Phil Christensen in East Sussex, England
1866 H.G. Wells was born.
1931 Larry Hagman was born.
1934 Leonard Cohen was born.
1935 Henry Gibson was born.
1947 Stephen King was born.
1950 Bill Murray was born.
1960 David James Elliot was born.
1962 Rob Morrow was born.
1967 Faith Hill was born.
1968 Ricki Lake was born.
1983 Joseph Mazzello was born.
Name Days
1000 Matt, from the Hebrew, 'gift of Jehovah'
1000 Mattea, from the Hebrew, 'gift of Jehovah'
1000 Matthea, from the Hebrew, 'gift of Jehovah'
1000 Matthew, from the Hebrew, 'gift of Jehovah'
1000 Matthias, from the Hebrew, 'gift of Jehovah'
1000 Mattie, from the Hebrew, 'gift of Jehovah'
1000 Matty, from the Hebrew, 'gift of Jehovah'
2000 Feast Day of Matthew, from the Hebrew, 'gift of Jehovah'. Surprisingly little is known about the man who gave us the longest of the synoptic Gospels. Matthew appears in the Gospels as a Jew who was collaborating with Romans as one of their tax collectors. Mark and Luke call him 'Levi' which meant that he belonged to the priestly tribe of Israel. Jesus' call to follow him must have surprised the other Jewish disciples, since 'good' Jews hated the collaborators, but he is said to have obeyed the call at once, leaving his ill-gotten gains for a rather more ascetic lifestyle. Tradition has it that Matthew was martyred in Ethiopia or Persia, and that his remains were brought to Brittany, France.

Tomorrow’s notable events

Below are the events we have registered for tomorrow:

22-09-1927Tommy Lasorda was born.
22-09-1954Shari Belafonte-Harper was born.
22-09-1956Debby Boone was born.
22-09-1957Nick Cave was born.
22-09-1958Andrea Bocelli was born.
22-09-1960Joan Jett was born.
22-09-1961Eric Stoltz was born.
22-09-1961Scott Baio was born.