Gemstone Wedding Anniversary Gifts List

Gemstone Wedding Anniversary Gifts List

Themes for gemstone wedding anniversary gifts come from a list of precious and semi-precious gemstones that are associated with each specific year. The different years, the majority of the time, have different gemstone associated with that year, here we are talking about the Gemstone Anniversary List, other popular lists include the the Modern, Traditional and Flower lists. The general idea behind this is so that you can select a gift with the theme of the material mentioned for the year thus making it easier to select an appropriate gift.

The Gemstone Wedding Anniversary Gifts List

The gemstone wedding anniversary list has developed over the generations into the one shown below, some of the years have variations on the theme depending upon who has published the list. More history of how the wedding list evolved is available on our Gemstone Wedding List History page.

Below in the list the anniversary year will link you to pages with ideas available from all the Gift lists (e.g. Traditional, Modern, Gemstone and Flower) or choose the gemstone for the year you are celebrating, or buying for, for a list of wedding anniversary gifts specific to that gemstone and year.

Some years have no material or theme under the gemstone anniversary list, below the fiftieth these anniversaries will have a theme in the Modern Anniversary List. Above the 50th they have no theme or material.

Gemstone Wedding Anniversary Gifts List

1st Wedding Anniversary Fresh Water Pearl
2nd Wedding Anniversary Garnet or Rose Quartz
3rd Wedding Anniversary Crystal
4th Wedding Anniversary Amethyst or Topaz
5th Wedding Anniversary Turquoise
6th Wedding Anniversary Amethyst or Garnet
7th Wedding Anniversary Lapis Lazuli or Onyx
8th Wedding Anniversary Aventurine or Multi-coloured Tourmaline
9th Wedding Anniversary Tiger Eye or Lapis Lazuli
10th Wedding Anniversary Black Onyx
11th Wedding Anniversary Turquoise or Hematite
12th Wedding Anniversary Agate
13th Wedding Anniversary Malachite or Citrine or Moonstone
14th Wedding Anniversary Jewellery or Moss Agate
16th Wedding Anniversary Peridot or Aquamarine
17th Wedding Anniversary Amethyst or Citrine or Opal
19th Wedding Anniversary Aquamarine or Topaz
21st Wedding Anniversary Iolite
22nd Wedding Anniversary Spinel (all Colours)
23rd Wedding Anniversary Imperial Topaz
24th Wedding Anniversary Tanzanite
25th Wedding Anniversary Sterling Silver
30th Wedding Anniversary Pearl
35th Wedding Anniversary Emerald
40th Wedding Anniversary Ruby
45th Wedding Anniversary Alexandrite
50th Wedding Anniversary Gold
55th Wedding Anniversary Alexandrite
60th Wedding Anniversary Diamonds
65th Wedding Anniversary Star Sapphire

There are a few variations with the gemstone wedding anniversary gifts list shown above where we have found variations we have listed them with the most common/popular listed first.

List Sources: Anniversary Gift List – American Gem Society. A Brief Dictionary of American Superstitions – Vergilius Ferm, The Philosophical Library, 1959.

What are the traditional anniversary gifts by year?

Please see our traditional wedding anniversary gifts list page for full details. Also, we can provide links to anniversary gift ideas for any year by selecting the anniversary year in the table above.

What are the milestone wedding anniversaries?

There are a few traditional milestone anniversaries that are celebrated with special gifts. The most popular ones are:

  • 1st anniversary: Fresh Water Pearl
  • 5th anniversary: Turquoise
  • 10th anniversary: Black Onyx
  • 25th anniversary: silver
  • 30th anniversary: pearl
  • 40th anniversary: ruby
  • 50th anniversary: gold

What Gemstones are Precious and what are semi-precious?

These terms are not generally used within the industry anymore as it was found it confused people! There are four main gemstones considered precious; Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. All others are semi-precious gemstones. Although as we say in our precious gemstone anniversary guide this was not always the case.

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