1st Year Wedding Anniversary

Looking for the perfect 1st anniversary gift? Look no further! Our selection of 1st anniversary gifts has something for everyone.

  • Choose a gift that reflects what is special about your relationship, both individually and together.
  • Our selection of unique and memorable gifts will help you celebrate your first anniversary with confidence and consistency.
  • Whether you’re looking for a traditional paper gift, a personalized anniversary keepsake, or a one-of-a kind experience, we have something special just for you.
  • Enjoy the 1st year of your wedded bliss with these perfect gifts for newlyweds.
  • Looking for anniversary gift Ideas? Look no further! Our selection of personalized anniversaries Gifts has something for everyone.
  • From traditional paper gifts to engraved mugs and photo frames, we have all the perfect anniversary ideas.
  • Our unique and memorable gifts will help you celebrate your first anniversary with confidence and consistency.
  • Paper Anniversary: On the 1st year of marriage, paper is a great choice to symbolize an important milestone in your relationship.

The Traditional Wedding Anniversary List

The Traditional Wedding Anniversary List shows paper image

Paper gifts are the traditional 1st anniversary gift. You may have heard that paper is symbolic of marriage, because it’s made from wood pulp and can be recycled again and again. But we know what you’re really thinking: “What should I buy for my first wedding anniversary?” We’ve got some great ideas for our paper anniversary gifts here on our site. 

Paper is neat, a useful thing to give as a traditional gift; there are so many possibilities! The best part about giving a paper-themed present? It’s never too late to order! There are plenty of items still available in time for your big day. Here are just a few suggestions from our collection of paper gifts

The Modern Wedding Anniversary List

Modern anniversary list 1 year symbol is a clock image

Looking for a unique modern 1st anniversary gift? Check out our selection of clocks!

Modern gift for the 1st Anniversary: Clocks

  • A modern 1st anniversary gift is a clock, often in the form of an ‘Anniversary Clock’
  • This type of clock is designed specifically for placing on a mantle, and has a doom glass cover with a pendulum that revolves rather than swings.
  • The glass is used to cover the clock face, and most doom glasses tend to be decorated with symbols such as hearts.
  • A popular modern 1st anniversary gift is a ‘nail clock,’ so called because they were once believed to keep track of the time by driving nails into walls!
  • Today we know that nail clocks keep track of time by driving a nail into a piece of wood set behind the clock face. It sounds like an odd way to tell time, but it sure is unique!
  • Most modern 1st anniversary clocks are crafted from metal and leather. They might be decorated with engravings and other design elements that make them stand out as special gifts .
  • If you’re looking for a cool and unique anniversary gift for your partner, check out our selection of clocks!

The Gemstone Wedding Anniversary List

1st year anniversary gemstone fresh water pearls

Looking for the perfect 1st anniversary gift? You’ll want to know what type of gemstone is appropriate! Fresh water pearls are the symbol of the first year anniversary. Fresh Water Pearls are ideally suited for being made into jewellery. It’s rich lustre has made fresh water pearls desirable for eons. Gem quality pearls are selected for their shape and colour as well as their aesthetic qualities.

The Flowers Wedding Anniversary List

Pansies Flower List image

Looking for the perfect flower to complement your 1st anniversary gift? Check out our list of flowers associated with a wedding anniversary, for the first: Pansies! These beautiful flowers come in a variety of colours, and can be used to send a special message to your loved one.

The language of flowers uses Pansies in a variety of ways; a Purple pansy is said to be for ‘the thoughts of happy days spent together are my greatest treasure.’ whereas the white Pansy is for thoughts of love meaning ‘you are in my thoughts’ so if you have the opportunity to get pansies you can choose the appropriate type.

Why are these symbols selected?

  • Each wedding anniversary has its own set of symbols or themes that are associated with it, and for the first wedding anniversary, those symbols are paper and clocks.
  • Marriage can get hectic, so using one of these symbols as your theme for the year can make life a little bit simpler.
  • There are plenty of retailers and manufacturers around that will provide great gift ideas that will match the theme for this and many other years.
  • We are unique in that we offer anniversary gifts specific to every wedding anniversary.

Looking for the perfect first anniversary gift? Check out our selection of 1st anniversary gifts! Want to know more why these symbols selected? Check out the details on our anniversary history page.

1st year Anniversary Facts and Figures

spotlight on 1 year wedding anniversary

Looking for information about what to do on your first wedding anniversary? Here are some facts and figures to help you out!

  • On the first wedding anniversary of your marriage, you would have been married for 365 days (366 if it included a leap year).
  • This amounts to 8,760 hours or 525,600 minutes or over 31 million seconds.
  • During this time, you would have shared 2,500 hours of snuggle time (sleeping!) together – which is the equivalent to 80 continuous days.
  • You’ve been apart for over 2,100 hours (88 days) and will have had over 750 meals together.
  • If you’ve been spending an average of six minutes a day kissing this would have amounted to 572 hours

Are you are interested on further facts and figures about marriages in the UK? The ONS produce lots of details from the Census data plus other data gathered on a regular basis. The following link Marriage Data will take you to their site however data for the past year is not available as it has yet to be collated.

First Anniversary Gift Ideas

The first wedding anniversary is an important time to share with your partner and celebrate the beginning of your life together as husband and wife. To do this, you should give them something that will remind both of you about how far it has been since day one – our Traditional First Year Gifts include a Memory Book made out paper where each page represents one year enabling you to leave a personalised message every year!

The paper anniversary is a special day that you should cherish forever. It’s a unique time to let your creativity flow and find the perfect paper gift for your partner. Have fun with it, even if paper isn’t exactly something you choose to spend money on outside of the wedding itself!

Once you’ve found the perfect anniversary gift you want to give , you should take the time to plan a special way to present it. Perhaps revisit your wedding venue or select a location basing is on the paper theme would be the perfect symbol for such an occasion.

1st Anniversary Gifts

Please see our 1st Anniversary Gifts page for our full range of paper anniversary gifts. Want to see next year’s anniversary gifts : 2nd Wedding Anniversary

So there you have it…

The first year of marriage is a milestone that should be celebrated with great joy. We’ve provided you with some tips on how to do just that, as well as giving you the perfect gift ideas for your partner this special day. From paper products and date nights in to personalized gifts and anniversary cards, our team has curated a list of 1st wedding anniversary gifts sure to make it is memorable. If you need help finding the right product or feel like we missed something important don’t hesitate to contact us! Our expert customer care staff are always happy to assist.