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This marriage calculator will show you how long you have been married in years, months, days, and even seconds. You can also find out how many days there are until your next wedding anniversary, and what that day will be. All you need to do is enter your marriage date.

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How many Days to your Wedding Anniversary?

Enter your marriage date and we’ll tell you how many days it has been since your special day plus when your next wedding anniversary is and how many days it is till then.

Wedding Anniversary Calculator

Whether you got married in 1977, 2006 or any year in the last 99 enter you marriage date (it has to be a valid date!) and we’ll give you all the details for how many years, days hours, and even seconds you’ve been married.

Happy anniversary! Whether you’re just hitting your first anniversary or celebrating 50 years of wedded bliss, we hope you have a fantastic day. Remember to check out our other anniversary resources while you’re here including wedding anniversary gifts, ideas, and more.

How many years married?

Enter your wedding date press the submit. We’ll calculate how long you’ve been married in years, months, days, and minutes. Furthermore, we’ll also tell you what your next wedding anniversary is. So armed with the knowledge feel free to browse our excellent collection of anniversary ideas for every year.

How Popular was your Wedding Day?

Check out our blog post to find out how popular was your wedding day. Using the data from the office of national statistics we have the heat map showing all the dates and the most popular.

Any Anniversary Calculator

Whilst our tool is designed as a wedding anniversary calculator it will give you details from any date in the past 100 years. So it is possible to give a persons age from entering their date of birth. Simply enter the date of the event that occurred within the last 100 years and we will give you all the details.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

We specialise in wedding anniversary gift ideas and will also provide you with gift ideas for any wedding anniversary year where you married in the last 50 years. We’ll also give you gift ideas for every fifth year after the fiftieth year and gift ideas for any other wedding anniversary.

Example entered on 24th March 2022

Your Wedding day: Friday 29th April 2011

Your Next Wedding Anniversary is Friday 29th April 2022

Your Next Anniversary is the 11th Anniversary.

This will occur in 1 months, 5 days.

Today’s Details

Today you’ve been married for 3,982 days, which is 95,568 hours or 5,734,080 minutes; making a total of 344,044,800 seconds.

On your Wedding Anniversary

On your Wedding Anniversary you will have been married for 4,018 days, which is 96,432 hours or 5,785,920 minutes; making a total of 347,155,200 seconds.

Notable Marriage Days to Remember

  • You will be married for 5,000 days on Sunday 5th January 2025
  • You will be married for 100,000 hours on Saturday 24th September 2022
  • You will be married for 6,000,000 minutes on Saturday 24th September 2022
  • You will be married for 400,000,000 seconds on Sunday 31st December 2023
  • You will be married for 600 weeks on Friday 28th October 2022

End of example.

Technical Details

Our wedding anniversary calculator tool uses the following methods and limitations.

  • This tool use UNIX time and date functions to produce the results.
  • The dates are calculated to take account of leap years.
  • You will receive error messages if future or incorrect dates are entered.
  • Our Tool uses days to calculate details so will be accurate at the time you married for the hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Tool is provided as is, with no warranty and is for entertainment purposes only.