22nd wedding anniversary gifts and ideas

  • Traditional List Gifts

    No Traditional Anniversary Gift themeNo Traditional Anniversary Gifts Theme
  • Modern List Gifts

    Coppercopper modern wedding anniversary gifts
  • Gemstone List Gifts

    Spinel (All Colours)gemstone wedding anniversary gifts spinel (all colours)
  • Flower List Gifts

    No Anniversary Flower themeNo Anniversary Flowers theme

The Contemporary or Modern 22nd anniversary gifts have a theme of Copper. The Gemstone list shows Spinel (all Colours) associated with the 22nd Wedding Anniversary. Finally there are no appropriate flowers nor a traditional gift for the year.


What is 22nd wedding anniversary gift in the UK?

The 22nd year wedding anniversary would fall into the clutches of the modern or contemporary anniversary gift list which for the this year is copper. This bright, strong, durable and beautiful metals is totally unique in colour and looks fantastic anywhere around the home.