Anniversary Symbol meanings

Q. Hi, I’m doing a research on the wedding anniversary symbols. What I’m really looking for is what each material means. Do they represent something in each year? Please email me back if you have any information about the subject, or where I can find this kind of information. Thank you.

A. The meanings that each material may have when they represent a Wedding Anniversary have been lost over time, our research has not shown any reasoning given against the relevant years although we do continue to investigate further.

We know the original Golden Wedding and Silver Wedding are named as they were celebrated initially with the Wife being presented with a Silver or Gold garland/ wreath (depending on the celebration)  by the Husband hence they became known by these materials. These materials were chosen as they were high status cherished emblems of success.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Paper

Other years are a little more difficult to fathom, for example the first anniversary is popularly accepted as having paper associated with it, for many decades and still in some European countries the first anniversary is considered to have Cotton associated with it. There has been a number of varying, often conflicting, hypothesis as to why these materials are chosen yet very few of these theories are substantiated with facts.

We do continue to investigate the history of the materials and update our history web pages here with our latest research.

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