Who should be invited to a Wedding Anniversary

Q. Since most of my parent’s siblings do not live near the area where we will hold the celebration, is it proper to send them invitations to announce the anniversary event. I know they will not travel to it but thought they should know about the celebration of this milestone. I just don’t want it to look like an invite that they are expected to attend or an obligation for a gift.

A. Invitations for a Wedding Anniversary celebration should be sent out to those whom you would like to attend the celebration and those who should be invited. Siblings should be invited assuming there is no good reason not to.

The invitation is to your celebration on behalf of your Parents thus is an invite from you (not your parents) to attend, it does not place an obligation upon them to purchase a gift nor attend. If you are concerned about how the recipients would react to the invitation then you could add, especially on the ones you expect not to attend, a statement on the invitation saying no gifts please.

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