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30th wedding anniversary gifts for parents

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If you’re looking for some great gift ideas for your parents 30th Wedding Anniversary then we can help. The 30th Anniversary is also know as the Pearl Wedding. This is because Pearls are the associated theme for 30 years of marriage.

Obviously this theme makes it relativity easy to find a gift for your Mum. However it’s a bit more difficult for your Dad or when you are buying a joint present. Below are some of our ideas that are great 30th wedding anniversary gifts for parents. The ideas should enable both your parents to enjoy the gift.

For more ideas check out our 30th Anniversary Gifts page. If you want more details on the actual anniversary check out our 30th Anniversary page

For this anniversary any type of Pearl can be used; there are more than one type at the basic level there are fresh water pearls and saltwater pearls.  Both contain the same properties that make them desirable and nowadays they are equally attainable. One difference is the larger types are typically the saltwater variety as the shellfish they come from can grow larger.

Naturally developed Pearls are still the most sought after due to their rarity. Cultured Pearls can be as good a quality especially the ones from the top Pearl culturists.

The best know cultured Pearl producer is Mikimoto. A Japanese producer named after the founder who discovered how to grow Pearls ‘on demand’. The results are beautiful, check out these Fine Mikimoto gift ideas from one of our partners.

If choosing Pearl as a gift please always ensure it is real Pearl, we’ve seen many items designed with Mother of Pearl which, unless you know, can be confused with Pearls. Mother of Pearl is actually the shell of the mussel or oyster that can produce a pearl.