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40th wedding anniversary gift ideas for couples

40th wedding anniversary gift ideas for couples

If you’re looking for some great gift ideas for a couple’s 40th Wedding Anniversary then we can help. The 40th Anniversary is also know as the Ruby Wedding. This is because Rubies are the associated theme for 40 years of marriage.

Ruby is the main focus for the 40th wedding anniversary gift both in colour and the gem. The pink or blood red gemstone is one of the most sought-after gems due to their luscious colour and beautiful look. The whole theme for the 40th year wedding anniversary is the ruby. Even the modern day equivalent is still the ruby and therefore you should look for many items that have the gorgeous red stones in them.

Below are some of our ideas that are great 40th wedding anniversary gifts for couples. The ideas should enable both partners to enjoy the gift.

For more ideas check out our 40th Anniversary Gifts page. If you want more details on the actual anniversary check out our 40th Anniversary page

Within this page we’ve concentrate on our gift ideas that can be given to couples to celebrate their Ruby Wedding. Use the link above to see our complete range of 40th wedding anniversary gift ideas for couples.

On the 40th anniversary of your marriage you would have been:

  • married for 14,600 days or
  • 350,400 hours or
  • 21,024,000 minutes,
  • over 1,261 million seconds