Adding or changing a Battery on an Anniversary Quartz Clock 1785n

Instructions to fit a battery to your Anniversary clock, Item codes 17850, 17851, 17852 & 17853

To add a battery you’ll need to first push the clock out of the Mirror surround, to do this push the clock from the rear and it should slip out. They are sometimes in there quite tight but it will push out.

Once you’ve done this you need to remove the rubber mounting band that held the clock in the mirror surround. It should just slide off.

When you’ve done this you should see the battery compartment cover at the bottom of the clock,with the word Quartz on it. You should be able to unclip this at the very bottom and inside you’ll see the space for the AAA battery.

Insert the battery and adjust the time using the wheel on the rear to the correct time.

Reassembly is just the reverse of this process with one exception: To put the clock back in the Mirror Surround you will most likely have to push in it in initially orientated so the 12 is at the top and then, working your way around the clock edge, push it in until flush with the mirror, you may have to go round the edge a couple of times.

Once you’ve done this you will find you will most likely have to clean the mirror glass of your finger prints. The good news is that the battery should last for an absolute age so it does not have to be done often.

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