8th wedding anniversary gifts and ideas

8th wedding anniversary gifts have a traditional theme of Bronze. A Contemporary or Modern Eighth anniversary gift has a theme of Lace. The flowers associated with the 8th anniversary are Clematis. The Gemstone list shows Aventurine associated with the 8th Wedding Anniversary.

Your marriage is well on its way to its first decade and marking the eighth year together is just as important as the seven years previously. After many birthdays and gift giving, you might feel that you need a helping hand when it comes to buying the 8th wedding anniversary gift but as anniversary gifts have symbols, themes and gemstones attached to them, you can find something to suit using that.

As you can see, there are many different items you can buy for the 8th year anniversary of your wedding day and whether you choose traditional or modern themes, flowers or gemstones, there will be something perfect for both parties.

39th wedding anniversary gifts and ideas

This Wedding Anniversary does not have a traditional gift theme however a Contemporary or Modern Thirty ninth anniversary gift has a theme of Lace. The Gemstone list shows that there is not any associated with the 39th Wedding Anniversary. Finally there are no appropriate flowers for this year.