6th wedding anniversary gifts and ideas

6th wedding anniversary gifts have a traditional theme of Sugar. A Contemporary or Modern Sixth anniversary gift has a theme of Wood. The flowers associated with the 6th anniversary are Calla lilies. The Gemstone list shows Amethyst associated with the 6th Wedding Anniversary.

You’re well into your marriage and it’s time for your 6th wedding anniversary. It’s a special time, as always, as it marks the next year closer to a decade since your big day. As you will want to pamper and impress your loved one with gifts for this 6th year anniversary, you could choose from either the traditional or modern gifts, or of course, the flowers and gemstones that are associated with it.

Whatever you buy as a 6th wedding anniversary gift, make sure you choose wisely between either traditional, modern, flowers or the gemstones that are connected to this special occasion. You could choose to buy something from each theme or splash out on some special jewellery. There are many different items you could buy to show your love and appreciation for your marriage that is entering its seventh year.