Privacy Policy

Anniversary Ideas’ Privacy Policy

AnniversaryIdeas web site is owned and operated by Beacon Support Services Ltd (BSS). At BSS, we care about your privacy. We will never share your personal identifying information with any third party unrelated to fulfilling your order. We will also only share the minimum information necessary to fulfil the order.

Questions regarding this statement should be directed to:

Beacon Support Services Ltd.
3 Eddington Road, Bracknell
RG12 8GF

Telephone: 01344 420936

BSS will correct all errors or wrongful actions arising in connection with the privacy policy.

When you browse through our site we collect:

The basic information about your computer and connection to make sure that we can get you the proper information and for security purposes;

Information on what pages you access or visit, this helps to improve our site.

Third-party vendors, such as Google, use cookies to serve ads based on your prior visits to our website and/or possible other sites on the Internet. You control this information and may opt out of the use of third-party cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page or using your browser settings (if available.)

If you choose to shop or register we will ask you for more information including:

Your name, your address and possibly other date related information such as your wedding day so that we can process and dispatch your order correctly;

Your email address and telephone number(s) so we can contact you should there be any queries relating to the order;

A login and password to use to update your information at any time in the future and to check the status of your order;

Optionally, you can enter other demographic information so that should help us to tailor services to you in the future.

We do not store Credit or Debit card information we pass the information in a secure form to our payment organisation who process the information. We are notified of a payment upon successful completion of the order again without the credit/debit card information used.

Changing and Updating personal information

Customers can request the removal of all their personal information by sending an email to Anniversary Ideas at

Cookies and Web Beacons

We use cookies and Web Beacons on our web site to store text on the device you visit us from for the following purposes:

  • For Security and anti-spam purposes
  • To tell if you’ve visited our site or page before
  • To allow Google to measure what technologies access our site
  • To anonymously tell a partner site that you came from us
  • For social media sites to interact with you

We would like you permission to do this.

If you do not wish to give us permission then we are unable to offer you a full service and you should cease to use our site, sorry.

What are Cookies?

A Cookie, in respect to the internet, is a broad term used to denote the storage by your browser of some text, typically a small text file will be stored on your computer.

Cookies cannot contain computer code nor are they an app, they cannot do anything independently they are just text.

The information stored in the cookie will vary from site to site, cookie to cookie thus It is not the use of a cookie that causes a problem it is the infomation they contain that can cause problems. Your Browser’s technology prevent a cookie we store from being read by any other site.

The cookies we use we warrant are not used for any other purpose than that mentioned above and nor can they be used by others for any other purpose.

All cookies may be deleted from your device by using your browser functions or going to their stored location and deleting them manually. Care should be taken when doing this to ensure you do not delete cookies that you need to effectively navigate the internet.

What are Web Beacons

The Web beacons we use are a small transparent pictures (technically a 1 x 1 pixel gif image file) they are used by some of our partners to prove to them that an advert/image/hyperlink was displayed on the device.  They contain no personal information and are used for measuring the number of times something is displayed.

They are occasionally called web bugs or tracking bug which is a rather negative term for what we use them for, click the link for further information.

BSS may collect information through web beacons about your web browsing activities such as

  • The address of the page you are visiting,
  • The address of the referrer page you previously visited,
  • The time you are viewing the page,
  • Your browsing technology signature and
  • Your display settings.

We use the information we collect through web beacons:

  • To understand traffic patterns and the number of visitors to the website and other non-BSS websites that we partner with.
  • To understand how you use and interact with BSS websites, products and services
  • To improve BSS services.
  • To optimise your browsing experience.
  • To provide anonymous individual and/or aggregate auditing, research, modeling and reporting for our advertisers and other partners. No personally identifiable information about you is shared with our advertisers and other partners as part of these services.
  • To provide you relevant advertising and content.

The Web Beacons we use we warrant are not used for any other purpose than that mentioned above and nor can they be used by others for any other purpose.

Cookies or Web Beacons we Use

For Security and anti-spam purposes

If you agree we use cookies to control the ability to interact with our site either via the ability to leave comments on our posts or to register and login to our site, the cookie does not contain any personally identifiable information.

To tell if you have visited our site before:

If you agree and we store a text cookie on your device it will only contain the date and time of your last visit and an encrypted code we will use to identify the device you visit us on.

To allow Google to measure what technologies visit our site:

We use Google analytics to measure (anonymously) the devices used to visit our site, from where and what pages are accessed so that we can monitor, review and hopefully improve the services to our visitors.

If you want to opt out of Google Analytics recording your device details, visit the Google Analytics Opt-out page and install the add-on for your browser.

This option will take precedence over any setting for Google Analytics on our site.

If you allow Google Analytics the following cookies will be placed on your device.

Name Typical Content Expires
_utma randomly generated number 2 years
_utmb randomly generated number 30 minutes
_utmc randomly generated number (old pages only) when you close your browser
_utmz randomly generated number and information on how our site was reached (e.g. direct or via a link, organic search or paid search or not provided) 6 months

Further details are available from Google’s development site

To anonymously tell a partner site that you came from us:

Some of our links on our site go to sites we partner with who will pay us a commission fee should you chose to purchase an item from them. This is how we fund and maintain the free services (e.g. this web site) for you.

This only occurs if you press the hyperlink to one of our partner sites from ours (and they are a partner who will pay a commission)

As they are a different web site a cookie is placed on your device to show you came from our site by one of our network partners.

The cookie placed will vary from partner to partner however they are all text based and typically have an expiry period of 7 to 30 days and the information these cookies contain will relate to the particular hyperlink/ad/image you clicked on and our identification code; no personal information you may have supplied us is included.

For social media sites to interact with you

Facebook: we use the facebook ‘like’ button on our site to enable you, if you want, to flag what you like in your social circle.

If you do not have an account with facebook then no information is shared with Facebook, if you have an account and are signed in then Facebook may display personal information and may set certain cookies based upon the pages you view or interact with on our site. Facebook provide comprehensive details on their privacy policies here: Facebook Privacy

Twitter: We use an Iframe feed from twitter which effectively is a window through to their services, this will show twitter users avatars and tweets relevant to the page you are on. e.g. if you are on our 1st Anniversary page it will show tweets that are related to the 1st anniversary

Web Beacons we use

The web beacons we use are all designed to enable analysis of how our web site performs from the respect of identifying what are popular areas of our site and what images, adverts or hyperlinks are displayed. These then enable us to improve the services we supply based upon what is popular, what service you interact with or what you click on.

Other Cookies

The technologies we use utilise many cookies, these are session cookies that remain on your device until you close your internet session (e.g. close your browser) thus if you are concerned about these cookies you should close your browser after you have finished on our site to clear these cookies.

On mobile devices or others where the concept of closing your browser is less relevant a session cookie will time out after a brief period of time (minutes rather than hours or days)

Network Advertising Initiative Cookies

We allow tracking, behavioural or retargeting cookies on our site (e.g. Adverts that seem to follow you from web site to web site) which includes Goole Adwords. These are clearly marked in a box with the word AdChoices written at the top. The AdChoices is a hyperlink to enable you to manage what and how they work.

You can opt-out of these type of adverts/cookies via the link provided. The Digital Advertising Alliance also allows opt-outs however relies on javascript being enabled to function.

Data retention

We will keep the information about you and your orders for as long as you remain our customer and as long as required by legal bodies.

Other Sites we Link to

We link to many other web sites who will have differing privacy policies to ours which we have no control over; should you select a link to another site please confirm you are happy with their policy prior to committing personal information on that site.

Changing and Updating personal information

You can remove all of your personal information by sending an email to Anniversary Ideas at from the email account that you used to register with (if this account is no longer active please reference it in the email)

Duplicate Reminders logged on our database which have the same email address are removed on an first in first out basis i.e. Only the newest reminder is kept.