Copper Candlestick


SKU: bssaf1333


Designed and handmade by  U.K. metal artist Richard Bower. This Copper Candlestick is a stunning fusion of artistic creativity and practical functionality. Perfect as a table centrepiece or for display on top of a cabinet. Best of all this item makes a welcome gift for newlyweds, grads or any special occasion.

The graceful flowing metal stems are perched on a base of mild steel, while the delicate double flutes are made from polished copper. Over time, the heat of the candles will cause slight variations in the colour of the copper. Thus giving it a beautiful, weathered appearance that enhances the sculptural elements of this tremendous piece.

Measuring approximately 800 mm high by 250 mm wide, no two Copper Candlesticks are exactly alike. Best of all variations between each candlestick ensure that every single item is truly one-of-a-kind. As a result that is sure to become a treasured modern heirloom in any household.


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