Moscow Mule Copper Mugs


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Magnificent Moscow Mule Copper Mugs: Make Any Drink Taste Much Better! 100% Pure Solid Copper His & Hers Gift Set- 2 Hammered 16 OZ Copper Cups 2 Unique Straws, Jigger & Recipe Book! (copper, 16oz) Other options are available.

The famous vodka-ginger beer cocktail was born when a poor Russian emigrant tried to sell some mugs she had brought to America all the way from the old country. The Moscow Mule Mugs by Goodygoods is an American dream success. Whether you fancy a beer or an ice tea after a long day, using this classic mug will upgrade your long-awaited unwinding time. Sometimes new, is just a well-forgotten old. Copper has been in use for decades and is a metal made to last. When you hold this mug in your hand, it feels like the carefully handcrafted work of a classic blacksmith, with a unique hammered finish. Our Moscow Mule Mugs will make you feel the charm of the old world, without stepping out of your modern kitchen. Copper cups give you an extra-cool sensation, picking up the icy temperature of a drink. The Mugs stay cool longer when you add ice cubes – cool in your hand and cool in your mouth. With summer knocking at the door, from water to cocktails, everything tastes better in our mugs


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