Your Special Year Newspaper Book


A newspaper reproduction for your birth date and other headlines from that year.



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Your special year book is an ideal birthday or Anniversary gift. Choose a date from any 20/21st century year and you will receive the reproduction of a complete daily mirror newspaper from that day bound into a book. In addition will be front page news of other events that occurred that during that year. The pages together with contents pages, are bound into a hard cover book of your choosing.

The title page can be personalised with their name(s) and a special message from you. Furthermore the front cover is embossed with their name.

Please note: Newspapers were traditionally not produced on Christmas Day and Boxing Day thus if a newspaper does not exist for a particular date ( it’s a day on which newspapers weren’t published or it occurred during a strike) the next available day’s front page will be used.

We will reproduce your text exactly as your enter it, so please double check spelling, punctuation and capitalisation.

Our printing and engraving machines have a limit on the accents and symbols they can print. Here are the special characters we can print:  ÂÁÀÄÃÅÆÇÈÉËÊÌÏÎÍÓÒÖÔÕØŒÙÛÚÜÑÝŸŽßàäâãâáåæçèëêéíìïîñòóöôõøœóúüùûýÿž1234567890\’”@ ?;:,.!-&

Your Special Year Newspaper Book Optional Extras:

  • Presentation Gift Box, this gift box is perfect to keep your special year book in pristine condition.


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Newspaper Year Book – Green Leatherette Cover, Newspaper Year Book – Leather Black Cover

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