Steel Rose


Ideal as a Steel Anniversary Gift comes this beautifully crafted metal Rose from the Artisians at Art of Metal.


Celebrate the strength of your enduring love and commitment with a timeless, everlasting and thoughtful anniversary gift – a fine English rose handcrafted from mild steel.

Steel is the traditional symbol of the 11th wedding anniversary, while the 6th is known as the Iron Anniversary; our Anniversary Rose is the perfect gift for either occasion. A steel rose embodies emotions like no other present can; it combines the delicate beauty and romantic symbolism of a precious bloom, with the strength and resilience of metal.

As with natural live roses, no two Anniversary Roses are exactly alike; everyone has slight differences in the shape of the petals and the placement of the leaves, making them ideal to group together in a bouquet. Individually handmade in the U.K. by sculptural artist Richard Bower, each piece measures approximately 450 mm high by 100 mm wide, making these stunning roses perfect for display in either a vase, atop a cabinet or individually with the purpose made display stand that incorporates the sentiment wording ‘Love’ cut out of the hot-torch coloured steel.

If you wish to order 12 or more Roses you are best to order direct from the Sculptral Artist’s web site: More Info here

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Richard Bower Metal Art

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