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Opal – appropriate for your 18th Wedding Anniversary.

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Opal – appropriate for your 18th Wedding Anniversary.
This beautiful pink form of Opal is from the Andes in Peru. In Turkey it was believed that opal came direct from heaven in a flash of lightning. It is said to lose its lustre when worn by one who is unfaithful to the giver. Considered unlucky unless set in silver which is also, along with Opal, a moon stone. It is claimed Opal strengthens the will to live and enhances self-worth. Appropriate gemstone for the 18th Wedding Anniversary.

Key ring is Silver Plated and the bulb housing the Stone is approximately 25mm in diameter. Presented in a Black Suedette effect bag.

Only genuine gemstones that have been polished are used. As these stone are a natural product there will be variations in both size and colour.

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