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A glass token designed for any Wedding Anniversary and made by English Pewter. It will make a great Anniversary gift as a small gesture

Glass Ornamental Token A Great Anniversary Gift Hand made English Pewter Heart Design Comes in a small gift box This great Token gift is designed and manufactured by English Pewter and the pewter heart is moulded onto the glass before the Happy Anniversary” is etched into the centre. The glass token will be a great gift for a happy couple. It can be used as an ornamental gift or as a paperweight.

Pewter is an alloy consisting of mainly tin and containing antimony and copper for strength and colour, respectively. Although the percentages vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, a standard for present day pewter is approximately 91 percentage tin, 7.5 percentage antimony, and 1.5 percentage copper. Modern pewter contains NO LEAD whatsoever.
Dimensions: 79mm x 79mm x 18mm Glass Token. Comes supplied in a presentation box with gift tag.

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