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What Anniversaries do not have a Symbol

We’ve done quite a bit of research in Wedding Anniversaries and we are not aware of the following anniversaries having a special name or symbol/material associated with them;

  • 65th Wedding Anniversary (our Wedding Anniversary history page tells why)
  • Any anniversary not devisiable by 5 after the 50th Anniversary. (Check it on our Wedding anniversary selction page)
  • After the 75th Wedding Anniversary no anniversaries have symbols associated with the up until the 100th.
  • Number of years you’ve been married equals the calandar day you got married e.g. if you got married on the 11th September and you’ve been married 11 years.
  • Married to your partner for half your life, I think this should be called the Half-life Anniversary!

We think the latter two should have some sort of significance especially the Half Life Anniversary. If you think of any other special anniversary celebrations that you feel should be celebrated more or even deserve a symbol then please let us know and we’ll include it here.