Today in History

Today In History

If there are any notable events in history, especially weddings we have listed them below.

  • Birthdays
  • 1905 Clara Bow was born.
  • 1909 Ruby Keeler was born.
  • 1916 Van Johnson was born.
  • 1917 Mel Ferrer was born.
  • 1918 Leonard Bernstein was born.
  • 1923 Monty Hall was born.
  • 1930 Sean Connery was born.
  • 1933 Regis Philbin was born.
  • 1946 Rollie Fingers was born.
  • 1949 Gene Simmons was born.
  • 1950 Willy DeVille was born.
  • 1954 Elvis Costello was born.
  • 1961 Billy Ray Cyrus was born.
  • 1970 Claudia Schiffer was born.
  • 1978 Kel Mitchell was born.
  • Name Days
  • 1000 Aloys, from Old German, 'glorious battle'
  • 1000 Aloysius, from Old German, 'glorious battle'
  • 1000 Lew, from Old German, 'glorious battle'
  • 1000 Lewes, from Old German, 'glorious battle'
  • 1000 Lewis, from Old German, 'glorious battle'
  • 1000 Lou, from Old German, 'glorious battle'
  • 1000 Louie, from Old German, 'glorious battle'
  • 1000 Louis, from Old German, 'glorious battle'
  • 1000 Ludovic, from Old German, 'glorious battle'
  • 1000 Luis, from Old German, 'glorious battle'
  • 2000 Feast Day of Louis, from Old German, 'glorious battle'. The meaning of 'Louis' has a certain irony in the case of St Louis, King Louis IX of France. Although he led two crusades, the first ended in defeat and his own capture, and the second caused his death from dysentery at Tunis in 1270. On the other hand, his efforts to drive the English from France were more successful and he managed to make a treaty with his brother-in-law, Henry III. Louis was a man of great integrity, managing to balance the demands of kingship with his spiritual life as a Third Order Franciscan. It is well known that he had a particular distaste for bad language and would not tolerate it in those around him. He was happily married to Margaret of Provence, by whom he had eleven children. His greatest monument is the stunning Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, which was built to house a relic believed to have been the original crown of thorns.

Tomorrow’s notable events

Below are the events we have registered for tomorrow:

26-08-1904Christopher Isherwood was born.
26-08-1921Ben Bradlee was born.
26-08-1935Geraldine Ferraro was born.
26-08-1980Macaulay Culkin was born.