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What does one do to celebrate a 10th wedding anniversary during COVID19 Lockdown

10th wedding anniversary

Given all the social distancing and travel restrictions that are currently in force what could you do to celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary during a lockdown.

A simple celebration would be to go for an early evening intimate meal for two at your favourite restaurant. Given the current restrictions you are sure to have a quieter and less interrupted evening together.

If you don’t like the idea of going out then you should look to the wedding anniversary gift themes and build an evening in around them

Tin Man Statue

The 10th anniversary has a traditional gift theme of tin. You could look to have a movie night with a film or box set which some way reference Tin. The Tin Cup is a love story. ‘Cat on a Hot Tin roof’ is a classic movie that springs to mind although the storyline may not be the perfect mood setter. The Wizard of Oz famously has the tin man in it. The Poldark box set is a binge worthy set around the Cornish tin mines.

You could take a lead from many restaurants that do similar nowadays. Present an anniversary meal with your chips/French fries served in tins. You could go a bit further and serve the meal on tin plates. Perhaps Cornish Pastie and Chips is a perfect corny menu for the celebration. Personally I’d be happy with a Fray Bentos Pie that you get in tins!

Other entertainment could include the physical game ‘tin can alley’ there are video games also available along similar lines. If outdoors then get a Frisbee which was born out of originally using pie tins to throw to each other.

The 10th year of marriage also has a modern theme of Aluminium, a gemstone theme of diamond jewellery and the appropriate flower being Daffodils. So from these you could extrapolate something to do.

Although not the perfect anniversary celebration you should always try an do something to commemorate your marriage. Not only will it help your mood it’ll help lift your spirits in what is a bleak period. Do remember though this too will pass.

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