What’s A Perfect Gift For Your 8th Wedding Anniversary?

What is the 8th year anniversary gift?

Perfect 8th Anniversary Gift

Are you organising a surprise 8th wedding anniversary gift but haven’t figured out what to buy? Selecting the perfect gift for an eighth wedding anniversary can be a daunting task. But with a little bit of creativity and thought, it can be done. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

You want to find a gift that is personal and meaningful. Buying a gift for your significant other’s eighth wedding anniversary is not easy and can be quite tricky. The pressure is on, and you want to get something that they will love! Celebrate together this momentous occasion with these 8th wedding anniversary gift ideas.

What is the 8th Anniversary traditional gift in the UK?

Firstly, congratulations on being married for 8 years. You and your spouse have made it to your Bronze Wedding Anniversary, yes that’s correct the traditional symbol for the 8th wedding anniversary is bronze.

Bronze is made up of two metals copper and tin. Copper is supposed to be lucky, and we know tin is tough and durable and resistant to corrosion. Therefore, it symbolises a relationship that can get through hard times and remain strong. It is also said that bronze has healing powers and is supposed to keep you in good health.

What is the Eighth wedding anniversary modern gift?

The modern gift in the UK for the 8th anniversary is lace.

Lace represents purity, truth and elegance and is made by interlocking a series of loops together, which symbolizes the way you and your partner have woven together in marriage.

Lace is hard to find as a gift for your husband, however, you can buy lace cufflinks which would link well with this anniversary.

For the wife there is a bit more choice such as lace jewellery, lace tablecloths, lace bags and lace lingerie. Although you could say the lingerie is more of a gift for the husband.

What Is The Gemstone For The 8th Anniversary?

The Gemstone for this anniversary is Aventurine.

There are many attributes associated with Aventurine it is said that this stone is very positive of prosperity. Green Aventurine is supposed to be calming and a great comforter whereas the Blue Aventurine is a powerful mental healer. Some people say that wearing this stone promotes compassion, encourages perseverance, enhances creativity, stabilises one’s state of mind and calms anger and irritation. It is also stated that this stone is a good healer.

Again, you could always buy Aventurine jewellery for your wife for the 8th Anniversary or for your husband you can buy an Aventurine keyring, cufflinks or a tie pin.

8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If you are looking for a unique gift how about getting a personalised gift. We have many personalised gifts to choose from and your wife/husband will be made to feel special.

How about champagne flutes with your names and wedding date on and maybe a nice bottle of champagne or prosecco to go with it. Or a personalised candle to light on romantic nights.

Bronze anniversary gifts

What Bronze Gift Ideas Can You Get Your husband?

Here are a few ideas of bronze gifts for men. You could get a bronze money clip, tie pins, cufflinks or a clock. If your husband is a keen gardener, you could also get bronze garden ornaments, pots or sculptures.

What Bronze Gift Ideas Can You Get Your Wife?

Bronze jewellery is the perfect commemorative anniversary gift for the wife.

Well every woman loves jewellery and there are plenty of bronze pieces to choose from such as, Earrings, necklaces, bangles, bracelet, pendants and rings. You could also buy a bronze photo frame and put in a lovely photo of you both that you can both treasure. Another good idea is bronze candlesticks which you can use when you cook a romantic meal.

Lace anniversary gifts

Aventurine anniversary gifts

What Is The Appropriate Flower In The UK For the 8th Wedding Anniversary?

The flower that symbolises the 8th wedding anniversary in the UK is a Clematis.

Known as the ‘ Queen of Climbers’. There are many varieties of Clematis and they come in a wide variety of shapes and colours. The Clematis signifies wisdom and aspiration and would make a lovely gift for a couple to plant in their garden.

Gifts for couples for the 8th Wedding Anniversary

If you are buying a gift for the happy couple, then we have some ideas to help you decide.

Wedding day commemorative charts make a lovely gift as the couple can spend time reminiscing about events and prices on the date they were married. There is also a choice of an original newspaper on their wedding date which can come in a personalised box.

A photo frame with a lovely photo of the couple, it could just say Happy Anniversary, or it could be a personalised Frame.

If the couple have a good sense of humour, how about a set of mugs. We have ‘The Boss/The Real Boss or Mr Right/Mrs Always Right’. You could buy our stemless wine glasses and a bottle of personalised wine.

If you are still having trouble coming up with great gift ideas. You could always get them a card and put a voucher in for a great gift experience, whether it be a trip to the theatre, a meal for two, a spa day or a romantic break we have so many to choose from.

These gifts will make a wonderful way to mark eight years of marriage.

In Summary

The best gift is one that you can afford and would like to spend money on. Also, the best gift is one that shows you put some thought into it, and then just simply take the plunge and go buy it for them.

It is not as hard as you thought it would be to find a gift for the 8th wedding anniversary. After 8 years, it’s all about quality time together. Just remember to celebrate in style!

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