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Who celebrates a Wedding Anniversary?

To mark Travelodge’s 30th anniversary, they’re giving away a free night’s stay in any one of their hotels in Britain to any couple celebrating their Pearl wedding (30th anniversary) in 2015, if anyone is intending to give this as a gift to their spouse don’t expect to be celebrating your 31st anniversary!

Travelodge also carried out research on wedding anniversaries. The research surveyed 3,000 couples about their views on celebrating an anniversary with the following findings:

Are you one of the majority who celebrate (Just)

It seems unbelievable, but according to their survey, just over half (54%) of British couples mark their wedding anniversary in some way.

Pleasingly, 72% of the respondent’s actually remember when their special day is.

Who spends most (and least) on gifts?

When buying gifts, 25% of adults responded that they alone are their partner’s gift and about one in ten (9%) will try and surprise their partner on their anniversary.

The research found that on average £111.11 was spent commemorating their anniversary. From this, £41.14 is spent on a gift and £69.97 on an experience to celebrate the event such as a meal out or going away.

Men tended to spend more, £124.49 as opposed to £99.47 by the women surveyed which is about 25% more.

The amount spent rose in London, where the average lovebird spends £153.00, ahead of Newcastle (£150.84) and Cambridge (£143.04) it’s not really clear if this is purely a reflection of increased costs in these areas or if indeed the spend is a reflection of an increase in their romantic persuasions.

The lowest spenders are in Gloucester (£48.57), Wrexham (£61.17) and Worcester (£61.66).

How do you celebrate anniversaries?

When it comes to celebrating, 41% of adults who mark their anniversary do so by going out for a romantic meal, whilst a fifth (20%) go all-out and whisk their partner away on a romantic UK break.

As for the gift, just 14% of adults will buy a present that matches the theme on one of the Anniversary Gift Lists to mark a specific anniversary (such as silver to mark a 25th anniversary or pearls to mark the 30th anniversary). Which surprised us as we have lots of people buying (and searching) for gifts that match one of the gift lists.

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge’s spokeswoman said, ‘To help celebrate our 30th anniversary, we thought it would be fitting to offer couples who are also celebrating their 30th anniversary this year a free night stay in any one of our 504 UK hotels.

For the great romantic getaway, we have hotels right across the UK in city centres, coastal hotspots and romantic locations such as York, Durham, Bath or the Cotswolds. We also have hotels in Grade II-listed buildings right across the UK, in locations such as London, Edinburgh, Brighton, Leeds and Liverpool.’