Wedding Anniversary Speeches & Toasts

Making a Speech

If you are having a gathering of friends and family to celebrate your wedding anniversary whether formal or informal, speeches and toasts are often expected. If following formal etiquette then a speech and toast is required, if informal then it is not required however it would be a nice gesture for someone to do.

The people expected to give a speech are the hosts and the guests of honour, if the hosts are the children then one of them should be appointed the spokesperson to deliver the speech and toast on behalf of the rest of the children.

In a formal setting it would be expected that the Man of the couple would give the response speech as spokesman for the guests of honour. In an informal setting then either partner or both may give a speech.

If a toast is made then it should be short and to the point e.g. To Jack and Jill congratulations on 45 years of marriage, here’s to the next 45, Jack & Jill.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when making speeches at wedding anniversaries. One key thing that I learnt whilst trying to find jokes about wedding anniversaries for our web site (you’ll notice there is no jokes on our site because we couldn’t find any non-derogatory ones!). Take great care not to include a joke which will slight or insult either partner. Remember it is both of them that are celebrating their wedding anniversary and they should be able to enjoy it. If you do want to include a joke that may be considered risky make sure it is told in a third party i.e. I knew a couple who were married……

The content of the speeches are very flexible however they should include a toast to the guests of honour and the hosts if different.

The replies a couple would make to any speeches made are very dependent upon your family circle & culture; Typically anniversary speeches follow along similar lines to a wedding celebration and thus thanking those who organised the event and for the people who turned up to join you in your celebration.

Speech Writing Resources.

Below are some books available from Amazon that we recommend to help you write speeches that not only captivate they also help to make them humorous.